Dr. Sreelakshmi Diddi

Dr. Sreelakshmi Diddi

Assistant Professor



Research Interests: Chemical Engineering, Environmental Chemical Engineering, Soil Remediation.


I have a keen interest to utilize my chemical engineering background to provide solutions for societal and environmental issues. My doctoral research is on remediation of crude oil contaminated sand using surfactants. The study and work experience that I gathered at National Institute of Technology – Trichy (NITT) and at College of Engineering Andhra University have given me the foundation to focus on applying chemical engineering knowledge to solve problems in engineering and society. This esteemed institution has provided me the platform to pursue my interest. I have five publications in national and international journals/conferences. My teaching responsibilities include core and elective chemical engineering subjects. Proctoring, Curriculum development, Convening Finishing schools are some of the varied responsibilities that have helped me in developing into a multifaceted individual.


  • Ph.D - Soil Remediation
    BMSCE/Visvesvaraya Technological University
    Passed Year: 2018 | Program Type: PartTime
  • MTech - Chemical Engineering Plant Design
    National Institute of Technology - Trichy
    Passed Year: 1999 | Program Type: FullTime
  • BTech - Chemical Engineering
    Andhra University College of Engineering/ Andhra University
    Passed Year: 1998 | Program Type: FullTime

Selected Publications

  • Journal | Published On : 31-12-2018
    Shivakumar R., Sreelakshmi Diddi and Samita Maitra
    S. R., S. Diddi and S. Maitra, "Utilization of Unisim Design Tool for Enhanced Learning and Assessment in Engineering Education," 2017 5th IEEE International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education (MITE), Bangalore, 2017, pp. 108-114, doi: 10.1109/MITE.2017.00025.
  • Journal | Published On : 31-07-2017
    Sreelakshmi Diddi; Samita Maitra
    Sreelakshmi Diddi, Samita Maitra (2017) Studies on the ability of aqueous extract of Sapindus Mukorossi to solubilize polyaromatic hydrocarbons and complex hydrocarbon mixtures, International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences, Volume-12, Issue-7, pp. 1387-1399. ISSN 0973-6077
  • Journal | Published On : 31-12-2014
    Sreelakshmi Diddi; Samita Maitra
    Sreelakshmi D*, Usha HS, Dr. Samita M, Enhancement in Aqueous Solubility of Anthracene Using Surfactants (2014) Journal-Journal of Chemical Engineering and Research, Vol-2, Issue-1, pp.-241-247, ISSN 2349-9567
  • Conference | Published On : 31-12-2011
    D Sreelakshmi, H.S. Usha, Vivek M. Rao, Dr. Samita Maitra
    D Sreelakshmi, H.S. Usha, Vivek M. Rao, Dr. Samita Maitra, Removal of Benzene from Contaminated Soil using Anionic Surfactant (2011), CHEMCON 2011 Indian Chemical Engineering Congress 64th Annual Session of IIChE, Vol- 1, pp. 315-319.
  • Journal | Published On : 01-04-2002
    P Sivashanmugam, Sree Lakshmi, S Sundaram
    P Sivashanmugam, Sree Lakshmi, S Sundaram (2002) Hydrodynamics of annular circulating fluidized bed drier with millet and ragi particle mixture, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, Vol. 61 (4), pp. 275-279. ISSN 0975-1084

Additional Responsibilities

  • Member - Board of Examinations (BOE) , Dept. of Chemical Engineering, BMSCE
  • Member- Department Procurement Committee (DPC), BMSCE
  • Convenor for Finishing School Programs with YOKOGAWA
  • Curriculum development
  • Question paper Audit

Other Information

Delivered Televised Lectures for UGC NME-ICT (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology).
Awarded Academic Proficiency Prize for standing First in Post Graduation(NIT-Trichy).
Awarded Certificates of Distinction both at the Undergraduate & Graduate levels.
Awarded Merit Certificate by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for outstanding performance (Top 0.01%) in 10th Standard

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