Controller of Examinations

Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management

The examination is one of the ways to assess the student’s learning. In an autonomous institution the examination process is as rigorous as in the university. With good facilities and committed staff, we in the CoE’s office, work towards creating an excellent examination system. Such a system supports us in the timely conduction of examinations, announcement of results and issue of related documents to students.

Dr. B. Ravishankar is an Industrial Engineer by profession. He has a wide range of experience in academics and administration. He has Thirty years of experience in Industrial Engineering, Administration, ERP, Management, Human Factors Engineering (Ergonomics), Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Web testing, Software Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Manufacturing, MRP II, Maintenance Engineering. Has graduated from BMS College of Engineering and has elevated himself to be a distinguished consultant in the Industrial Field.

He Has Produced Five doctorates and One Msc By Research till date. He has published and presented over Ninety-four technical papers in leading journals and conferences of high repute. A self-motivated team player, with excellent Interpersonal and Communication skills and project management capabilities. Experienced in leading teams and played a vital role in enhancing stakeholder expectations