# Year Details File
1.2023IIChE Magazine Chemzone 2023 Release Download 
2.2023AIChE Investiture Ceremony - Report_5-6-2023 Download 
3.2023AIChE-BMSCE Office Bearers for 2023-24 Download 
4.2023AIChE Activity: Report on ChemBola conducted on 19th May 2023. Download 
5.2023IIChE organized a technical talk on Sensor Technology and Microsystems on 12-05-2023. Download 
6.2023AIChE Activity: Webinar on Studying abroad & writing your statement of purpose by Ms. Neha Agarwal, Wise-up Communications, India on 18th March 2023 Download 
7.2022IIChE organized a technical Talk On Electrolysis on 26-11-2022 Download 
8.2022AIChE Activity: K-12_Wonder Science-10-12-2022 Download 
9.2022AIChE Activity: Pursuit of Dispute held on 25th November 2022 Download 
10.2022AIChE Activity: Webinar on Project Report and Presentation Skills held on 28 August 2022 Download 
11.2022AIChE Activity: Quizophilia held on 10th June 2022 Download 
12.2022IIChE-BMSCE Office Bearers for 2022-23 Download 
13.2022AIChE Student Members List_2022 Download 
14.2022AIChE-BMSCE Office Bearers for 2022-23 Download 
15.2021IIChE_Office Bearers_2021-2022 Download 
16.2021IIChE activities 2020-21 Download 
17.2021AIChE organized a Panel discussion on Ph.D. and Research in ChemE on 2nd Jan. 2021 Download 
18.2020AIChE_Office Bearers_2020-21 Download 
19.2020IIChE_Office Bearers_2020-21 Download 
20.2020IIChE Sponsered Student workshop on Classical Modeling Concepts & Hands-on Training: Simulation Software, between 3-5 Feb. 2020 Download 
21.2019AIChE_Office Bearers_2019-20 Download 
22.2019IIChE_Office Bearers_2019-20 Download 
23.2019IIChE Activity : TECHNOCHEMILATE-12th November 2019 Download 
24.2019IIChE Activity : Best project 2019 Download 
25.2019AIChE Activity: National Science day 2019 Download 
26.2018AIChE_Office Bearers_2018-19 Download 
27.2017IIChE activity Report : 2017 Download 
28.2014IIChE Activity : Best project 2014 Download