Dr. Y. K. Suneetha

Professor and Head - Department of Chemical Engineering

About Department

The department was started in 1995 by the great visionary, Late B S Narayan. Currently, the department runs an undergraduate course in Chemical Engineering with twelve teaching faculty. The department was NBA accredited for the duration of 5 years in the year 2004. Later the department was accredited for 6 years in the year 2014 under the Washington Accord Format. The NBA had extended the department status of the accreditation until June 2022. Consequently, the NBA accreditation under the Tier-1, 2nd cycle was conducted in Nov 2022, and the department was granted 6 years of accreditation. The department has been accredited with the highest grade continuously for three times. The NBA accreditation shows the potential of the department in all respects to meet the needs of the vision and mission at the Institute. The autonomous undergraduate course takes its cognizance from the program-specific criteria established in all reputed institutes offering courses in Chemical Engineering. The well-balanced curriculum includes the titles like Basic Sciences (BS), Engineering Sciences (ES), Professional Core (PC), Professional Electives (PE), Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), and Project Work (PW).

PG in Biochemical Engineering was run between the academic year 2013-14 to 2020-21.

Department Profile

The undergraduate program started in the year 1995 with an intake of 30. Subsequently, the student intake was increased to 40 in the year 2002 and 60 in the year 2006. The current intake of students is 60.

The Department of Chemical Engineering was approved as a Research Centre for Ph.D. and MSc. (Engg.) - research by AICTE in the year 2004. The research centre is affiliated with Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU) and approved by AICTE. Presently, the department has ten doctorate fellows as members of the faculty. One of the faculty members is pursuing PhD at NIT, Warangal, as an external candidate and another faculty member is deputed from the Institution to IIT, Kharagpur on QIP for Ph. D.

Four members are awarded doctoral degrees under the research centre. Presently, four research scholars are working for a doctoral degree. And one student has registered for M.Sc. by research under the research centre, Chemical Engineering department, BMSCE.

Two of the department faculty members in collaboration with Central Manufacturing Institute, Bengaluru have worked on a project that is now available as technology-ready. Few other faculty members are involved in consultancy work with various industries. One of the faculty members is an expert in NBA accreditation as an evaluator.

The department's research facilities include instruments like Gas Chromatography (ionization detector, packed column, and thermal conductivity detector), High-pressure reactor (up to 50 atm. and 500℃), Total Organic Carbon analyzer, Roto Vap, Vacuum Distillation setup, Brookfield Viscometer, Deep Freezer, UV-visible Spectrophotometer, Laboratory Fermenter, Cold Centrifuge, and FTIR, Ultrafiltration test kit, 3D printer, Electroless and electroplating, film coating machine, Ball mill, Lab Centrifuge, Bomb Calorimeter, Muffle furnace, fume hood and silicon oil bath with temperature controller.


Be a globally recognized Chemical Engineering Department by imparting quality education.


• High-quality education and experience to the budding Chemical Engineers

• Chemical Engineering graduates to assume positions in process and other allied industries

• Foster and encourage the pursuit of excellence in chemical science and engineering

• Inculcate global research potential