# Programme Faculty Name Course Name Course Code View
1.UGDr. Sainath KTransport Phenomena 16CH6DCTRP View
2.UGDr. Sreelakshmi Diddi and Mr. Soumen PandaProcess Control and Engineering19CH5DCPCE View
3.UGDr. Shivakumar R, Mr. Soumen Pand, and Mrs. Shabnam SiddiquiProcess Modelling and Simulation16CH6DCPMS View
4.UGMrs. Shabnam SiddiquiFluid Mechanics 19CH3DCFME View
5.UGDr. Sainath KMass Trasnfer-119CH4DCMT1 View
6.UGDr. Y K SuneethaHeat Transfer Laboratory Manual19CH4DCHTR View
7.UGDr. C. T. Puttaswamy and Dr. Y. K. SuneethaMechanical Operations19CH3DCMOP View
8.UGDr. Y K SuneethaChemical Process equipment Design and Drawing16CH7DCPED View
9.UGDr. Y K SuneethaChemical Plant Utilities19CH6DECPU View
10.UGDr. Y K SuneethaChemical Reaction Engineering-II19CH6DCCR2 View
11.UGDr. Y K SuneethaProcess Equipment Design (Absorption Design)19CH6DCPED View
12.UGDr. Y K SuneethaProcess Equipment Design19CH6DCPED View
13.UGDr. Y K SuneethaMass Trasnfer-II19CH5DCMT2 View
14.UGDr. Y K SuneethaProcess Equipment Design19CH6DCPED View
15.UGDr. Y K SuneethaMass Trasnfer-II19CH5DCMT2 View
16.UGDr. Y K SuneethaMass Trasnfer-II19CH5DCMT2 View
17.UGDr. Y K SuneethaProcess Equipment Design19CH6DCPED View
18.UGDr. G. N. RameshaiahChemical Reaction Engineering-I19CH5DCCR1 View
19.UGDr. Chetan A NayakProcess Principles and Calculations (2021-22)19CH3DCPPC View
20.UGDr. Sanjay KumarCourse content available in Public domainCourse content available in Public domain View
21.UGMr. Soumen PandaProcess Control and Engineering19CH6DCPCE View
22.UGMr. Soumen PandaHeat Transfer 19CH4DCHTR View
23.UGDr. Shivakumar RProcess Engineering Thermodynamics-II19CH4DCTD2 View
24.UGDr. Shivakumar RMechanical Operations19CH3DCMOP View
25.UGMrs. Shabnam SiddiquiPilot Plant and Scalu-up Studies19CH7DELE2 View
26.UGDr. Y K SuneethaMechanical Operations15CH3DCMOP View
27.UGDr. Y K SuneethaBiochemical Engineering19CH7DCBCE View
28.UGDr. Sainath KMass Trasnfer-II16CH6DCMT2 View
29.UGDr. Sainath KChemical Equipment Design19CH5DCCED View
30.Chemical EngineeringDr. CT Puttaswamy & Dr. Chetan A NayakFluid Mechanics21CH3DCFML View
31.UGDr. Chetan A NayakChemical Reaction Engineering-2 23CH6PCCR2 View
32.UGDr. Shivakumar RProcess Modeling and Simulation Manual22CH6PCPMS View