# Year Details File
1.2022FDPs/Workshop Organised: AY 2021-22 Download 
2.2022Report on 2 Days Hands-on Workshop on “MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: For Technical Papers, Thesis, and Documentation” 22nd to 23rd September 2022 Download 
3.2021FDPs/Workshop Organised: AY 2021-22 Download 
4.2020FDPs/Workshop Organised : AY 2020-21 Download 
5.2019FDPs/Workshop organised 2019-20 Download 
6.2018FDPs/Workshop Organised: 2018-2019 Download 
7.2017FDPs/Workshop Organised: 2017-2018 Download 
8.2016FDPs/Workshop Organised : 2016-2017 Download 
9.2014FDPs/Workshop Organised: 2014-2015 Download