Dr.Indiramma M



M.Sc. (Psychology), M.S. (Counseling & Psychotherapy)


The counseling center at BMSCE was started in April 2016. The center is situated on the 4th floor of PG Block in the campus. Smt. K, Bhageerathi is in charge of the center right from inception.

The center was started with the vision of fostering holistic development of students by addressing their social, emotional and psychological needs apart from their regular academics.

The center provides professional, confidential, effective and accessible counseling in a friendly & non-threatening setting and acts as a resource for faculty & parents in managing behavioral & psychological issues pertaining to students.

Issues addressed are maladjustment, absenteeism, low self-esteem, lack of study skills, Relationship problems, addictions, and parental issues of students. On an average 40-50 students are approaching the center with their concerns. Nearly 150 to 180 sessions are held every year.

The center is open from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm, Monday to Friday in PG Block 4th floor, B.M.S College of Engineering.