Dr. M. S. Dharmaprakash, M.Sc,Ph.D

Professor & HOD

Department of Chemistry

BSN Centre for Nano-Materials & Displays

B.M.S.C.E, Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560019, Karnataka, INDIA

O:+91-80-2662 2130 (extn 6097), H:+91 9731265431, Fax No:+91-80-26614357

B S Narayan Centre for Nano-Materials and Displays well-known as CND started on 30th September 2019, at its new campus. Centre is inaugurated by Dr. Ragini Narayan, Member Secretary and Donor Trustee, BMS Educational Trust


Dedicated to cater display community and nano-materials area through novel innovation, commercialisation and research and development activities


To become the nodal point for entire display activity in India and also to become world class research and development centre in the area of nano-materials and displays

Research priority areas

  • Liquid crystals and LCDs Liquid crystal phase transitions
  • Photoisomerization and optical storage devices
  • Photoalignment based displays Electrochemical sensors
  • Biowaste based porous nanomaterials Energy storage devices mainly supercapacitors
  • Wastewater treatment Antibacterial studies Cancer cell imaging studies Sensors and Catalysis
  • Functionalization using different methods for nanomaterials
  • CO2 adsorption studies
  • Waste to wealth-based technology

Major Research Facilities

  • State of the art Class-1000 cleanroom for materials fabrication
  • Dedicated liquid crystal display laboratory from glass cleaning to LCD panels
  • World-class photo alignment unit for aligning nano-layers
  • Fully equipped photoisomerization and optical storage device studiesv
  • Fully equipped electro-optic set up
  • Fully equipped synthetic chemistry and sample preparation laboratory
  • Fully equipped electrochemical storage laboratory with coin cell fabrication
  • Dedicated library with interactive panel facility Nano-fabrication unit
  • Glove box for battery fabrication
  • Fully equipped soldering unit & glass cutting Double distilled water facility from Millipore

Services offered

  • Clean room facilities to the industry needs for display activities with nominal charge
  • Characterization facilities for the industry and academic institutes with nominal charge
  • Photoalignment based nano-layers production
  • Liquid crystal cell manufacturing unit and LC cells supply to the industry and academic institutes
  • Consultancy for LCD industries Consultancy for nano based applications
  • Supply of porous nanomaterials with nominal charge
  • Commercialization possibility & collaboration

Faculty members to oversee the research activities


Dept. of Chemistry

Dr.Murugendrappa M.V.

Associate Professor
& HOD-Physics

Dr.Chandasree Das

Associate Professor,
Dept. of EEE

Dr.B.L. Suresh

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Physics


Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Chemistry

Dr.Latha Kumari

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Physics


Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Chemistry

Dr.Abhishek M.Appaji


Laboratory Tour


  • CND received lot of awards from National and International research community and industry Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde received Sir C V Raman State award for Young Scientist in the year 2017 from Chief Minister of Karnataka in the area of Physicalsciences
  • Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde, Prof.Komitov and Japanese collaborators received prestigious MERCK outstanding Display award in the year 2011
  • Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde received Elsevier emerging investigator award from ELSEVIER in the year 2017
  • MsSupriya S received best poster award in an International conference in the year 2016
  • CND received more than 50 Diamond, Gold,
  • Silverand Bronze medalsfor outstanding research products
  • Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde received best of the bestproduct award among more than 1200 products at INPEX, held at Pittsburg, USA

Major Grants Received

  • DST-Nano mission grant in the area of supercapacitors worth ~83 lakhs
  • ASEAN-AISTIC grant from DST worth ~ 32 lakhs
  • ISRO grant on LC antennas worth 19 lakhs
  • DST-SERB Early Career Research award worth Rs ~37 lakhs in the area of optical storage devices
  • Industry-Academia grant worth Rs 6 lakhs from Image Labels Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru in the area of photo sensitive materials

Major MoU signed

  • Signed MoU with Gothenburg University, Sweden in the area of liquid crystal displays, 2015
  • Signed MoU with Image Labels Pvt Ltd in the area of photo-crosslinkers, 2017
  • Signed MoU with NoPo Nanotechnologies in the area nano materials, 2016
  • Signed MoU with NIPER-Kolkata in the area of bio- technology, 2015

International Collaborators

  • Dr. LachezarKomitov, GU, Sweden Dr. V G Chigrinov, HKUST, Hong Kong Dr. H S Kwok, HKUST, Hong Kong
  • Dr. AjayanVinu, Australia
  • Dr. Yusuke Yamauchi, NIMS, Japan Dr. Chong Kwon Feng, UMP, Malaysia Dr. Zainab Ngaini, Malaysia
  • Dr. Abhishek S, Hongkong Dr. G Rajeswaran, USA Dr. Avatar Matharu, UK Dr. Dedi W, Indonesia