# Year Details File
1.2022Report on Industrial Visit to Vidya Herbs on 4-8-2022 Download 
2.2022Report on Industrial Visit to Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited on 16th December 2022 Download 
3.2022Industry Visit: AY 2021-22 Download 
4.2022Report on Industrial Visit by Dr. C. T. Puttaswamy Download 
5.2019Industry Visit: AY 2019-20 Download 
6.2018Industrial Visit to Shell R&D, Bengaluru Download 
7.2018Industrial Vist : AY: 2017-2018 Download 
8.2017Industrial Visit to Sathya Industries, Jigani, Bengaluru Download 
9.2017Industrial Vist : AY: 2016-2017 Download 
10.2016Industrial Vist : AY: 2015-2016 Download 
11.2015Industrial Vist : AY: 2014-2015 Download 
12.2014Industrial Vist : AY: 2013-2014 Download 
13.2011Industrial Vist : AY: 2010-2011 Download