A Guiding Framework from MHRD is National Innovation and Startup Policy which is to be initiated in Institutions to enable the innovation and entrepreneurship related activities. As per this frame work, Institution Innovation Council of BMSCE addresses the challenge of building innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem which is supported by Start up cell initiated at college under TEQIP - III in 2018 and Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship-CIIE, BMSCE


  • To create products and technologies addressing the societal needs by nurturing the innovative minds to be job providers.
  • To nurture social innovations through creation of cutting edge products and technologies.


  • Create an ecosystem that will foster entrepreneurial spirit among all the stakeholders. Offer mentorship. Translate ideas into products and services that cater to the needs of the society.
  • Facilitate interaction between industry and research institutes for internship opportunities and mentorship


  • To create entrepreneurial ecosystem through various activities that facilitate innovation and creativity.
  • To facilitate transfer of technology for commercialization through multidisciplinary approach.
  • To create a platform for different stakeholders to contribute towards taking the center towards excellenceinfrastructureand social entrepreneurship
  • To promote startup culture for the growth of local economy.

How does IIC Work?:

Since its inception in2018, as IIC with institution startup cell (2017) , it is supported by TEQIP III finance for all the activities and with support of CIIE BMSCE centre

Conducts start up awareness activities such as workshops, idea competition, field visits, innovation center/startups labs visits round the year as specified by MHRD guidelines. Connects Startups through motivational talks about their experiences and provides internship opportunities.Students are encouraged to participate in events and competitions from SIH, IIDC.

Startup week – an annual workshop is organized to create awareness about design thinking, patent filing, ideation toproductization and to enable students with their faculty mentors to pitch in their proposal.

BMSCE ecosystem and support

The selected ideas are awarded SEED MONEY to take their proposals forward which is supported by BMSCE Management .BMSCE supports funding through its annual budget allotted separately to startup cell.

BMSCE startup cell has its guidelines /byelaws for funding the start-ups and IP policy, which support smooth execution of product development activities.

Dedicated space with necessary support is provided for carrying out activities . In addition institute has five propel research labs that supports additional resources and tools for carrying out development activites.

Startup Awareness