About BMSCE Upagraha

The BMS College of Engineering management along with Alpha Design Technologies Limited started working jointly with a vision to build a series of satellites to help the students get hands on exposure to the space segment in 2017. Student satellite development is a multi-disciplinary and complex technology development process. It provides a wonderful learning experience, facilitates hands on experience and is collaborative platform for faculty and students. BMSCE has been carrying out several activities related to building of satellites and its related systems. It has a vision of developing a series of satellites and its ground systems. Several departments have been involved in this activity and both faculty and students have shown lot of interest in pursuing developmental activities in niche areas. Many project activities have been initiated in different disciplines.

The mission objectives are to Design, Build and Launch a Student Satellite in LEO and performing on-orbit operations to demonstrate the technology developed This requires Imaging of Earth's surface, developing a Ground Station, perform high altitude testing and also demonstrate de-orbiting maneuver.

Activities are in progress to build a Nano Satellite called ‘BMSCE UPAGRAHA’.

Satellite Program Management cell:

  • Dr. H.N.Suma, Professor, Medical Electronics Department, has been designated as Program Director. She will have the overall responsibility for all Satellite related activities. She will also plan and come out with a vision road map for future satellite projects and related activities including establishment of facilities for advanced R&D in this field.
  • Dr. Jayanthi K. Murthy,Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication is designated as the Project Director for the present BMSCE UPAGRAHA satellite project. She will have the overall responsibility of planning and execution of all activities of this project including establishment of a ground station and other facilities for building and testing of the Nano Satellite.
  • Shri. C.D. Sridhar, Advisor, ADTL, Former Outstanding Scientist and Deputy Director, ISRO, will be the mentor for all satellite related activities. He will provide the necessary guidance and support to both the Program and Project Directors.


Student satellite development is a multi-disciplinary and complex technology development process:

  • The Project will present a wonderful learning experience to the students of working on a real life multi-disciplinary complex system
  • It will facilitate hands-on experience for students in developing hardware, software, systems integration and project management
  • Student satellites are a viable platform for faculty and students to gain knowledge, innovate, develop and productize technologies for space domain. This will help students to publish papers and apply for patents


  • Learning enhancement by literature survey, discussion and exposure to industry experts.
  • Develop skills to make presentations and write reports.
  • Hands-on learning of the concepts learnt in classroom and for the projects
  • Learning of new software and hardware utilization.
  • Exposure to procurement/billing and budget.
  • Internship and projects opportunities.
  • Team work culture.
  • Satellite club.
  • Workshops.
  • Patents and Paper publications.