Dr. M Dakshayini

Professor & Head - Department of Information Science and Engineering

About Department

The department of Information Science and Engineering was established in the year 1987 with an intake of 60 for UG programme. Since then the department has evolved over the years to portray its excellent academic performance. The department has attracted an increasing number of students aspiring for a technical career in information technology. The intake was enhanced to 90 in the year 2000 then Intake increased to 120 in the year 2018 and the currently the intake is increased to 180 in the year 2019.

As an autonomous institution, the department has flexibility in designing the curriculum. The subjects offered cover the major upcoming technologies with more emphasis to fundamental concepts. The innate strength of department is faculty. The department is well equipped with 27 experienced faculty. Among them, there are 6 Professors and 2 Associate Professors. Computing facilities in the department provide teaching and research needs for students and faculty. All systems are upgraded to the latest configuration with campus wide internet connectivity. The department has close interaction with companies such as EMC, TCS, SAP and IBM to promote student projects. The department has an outstanding placement record with an average placement percentage of 95% over last 3 years. The UG programme has been accredited by NBA in Tier-I format [as per Washington Accord] for 2 years.

The PG programme, M.Tech in Computer Network and Engineering under VTU, was started in 2011 with an intake of 18. The PG students are encouraged to gain knowledge on practical aspects. The research activities were promoted in the department with the launch of Research Center in the year 2011. Current areas of research are broadly classified into Communication Networks, Cloud Computing, Biometrics, IoT, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. There are 9 Research Supervisors and 25 research scholars. In the recent conference, ICTIEE held at BMSCE, ISE research center has been declared first for its activities.


Promote Quality Human Resource Capital by inculcating in every student the art of Creativity and Productivity in the field of Information Technology.


Offer High Quality Graduate, Post Graduate Programme in Information Technology to prepare students for higher studies and professional career in the industry.
Provide good Teaching and Research environment for Quality Education in the field of Information Technology