# Year Details File
1.2023AIChE Student Conference 2023 Download 
2.2023Participation and awards in National Conference BioChess2023 Download 
3.2023IIChE Awards 2022-23 Best Project Award Download 
4.2022Gate qualified students from 2019 to 2022 batch Download 
5.2022Students' achivements_2021-2022 Download 
6.2021Students' achievements 2020-2021 Download 
7.2020Presentation/internship/Summer project : Batch 2016-2020 Download 
8.2018 Presentation/internship/Summer project : Batch 2014-2018 Download 
9.2016Mayank B Nagoria was awarded as the best outgoing chemical engineer for the batch of 2015-2016 for IIChE Bengaluru Region. Download 
10.2015Presentation/internship/Summer project : Ay: 2015-2016 Download 
11.2010Presentation/internship/Summer project : AY 2010-2011 and AY 2011-2012 Download