# Year Details File
1.2023Faculty: Dr. C.T. Puttaswamy; Title of Patent Filed: LAB-SCALE ANAEROBIC GLOVES CHAMBER FOR FERMENTATION PROCESS; Date of Filing: 12/09/2023; Indian Patent Application No : 202341061280
2.2023Faculty: Dr. C.T. Puttaswamy; Title of Patent Filed: DESIGN OF BIO FERMENTER TO CONVERT BIO-MASS TO ETHANOL; Date of Filing: 06/07/2023; Indian Patent Application No : 202341045426
3.2022Faculty: Dr. Sainath K; Title of Patent Filed: HOLLOW FIBER MEMBRANES-BASED LOW DELTA-P BIOAEROSOL FILTER TO REMOVE SMOKE, TISSUE FRAGMENTS AND VIRUS; Date of Filing: November 4, 2022; Indian Patent Application No : 202221063082 Indian Patent Number: 435214 Date of Grant: 19/06/2023