# Published Date Details
61.19-08-2017“Design and Implementation of Pulsed Output Interleaved Fly-back converter with Lossless Snubber and Current Mode Control”, International Conference on Smart Grids, Power and Advanced Control Engineering (ICSPACE 2017), at the Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, India from 17-19 August 2017 and also Won best paper award.
Authors: Usha. A, Gagan. M.N
62.17-08-2017International Conference on Smart Grids, Power and Advanced Control Engineering (ICSPACE2017) A Msp430 Controller Based Class-D Audio Power Amplifier With DLDPC PWM Switching
Authors: A.N.Nagashree, Shashank Hegde, Vedagiri Babu
63.31-07-2017Power and Frequency Control of a Wind Energy Power System using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, IEEE Third International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management, 2017 (ICONSTEM 2017), Chennai, India, pp. 561-565.
Authors: Dipesh Kumar, Anirban Mishra and Kalyan Chatterjee
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Authors: B. Mallikarjuna, R. Meyur, D. Pal, M. J. B. Reddy and D. K. Mohanta
65.24-02-2017‘Modelling and Analysis of Hybrid Renewable Energy System With Luo Converter Using BLDC Motor’. TEQIP-II Sponsored International Conference on Contemporary Topics in Power Engineering and Aiding Technologies (ICCPEAT’ 2017), Puducherry, Feb 2017, India.
Authors: Umavathi M & Udhayakumar K
66.08-01-2017“Personalized assignments to address skills in a heterogeneous classroom: A case study of a course on ‘Smart grid technologies”, at 4th International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2017) on 6-8 Jan 2017 at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad.
Authors: Prema V, Uma Rao K
67.14-12-2016PEDES-IEEE International Conference On Power Electronics, Drives And Energy System Uninterruptable Power Supply Design Using Float Cum Boost Technology
Authors: A.N.Nagashree, R.Shalini, B.G.Anantha Murthy
68.18-08-2016Variable Voltage And Variable Frequency Control Of Induction Motor. NCCSTM-2016. National Conference On Convergence Of Science Technology And Management.
Authors: Venkatesh Boddapati,
69.09-08-2016“Natural Vegetable Oil Blends: An Eco-friendly Alternative to Silicone Fluid Frequency Transformers”,International Conference on Development of Smart Cities (ICDSC-2016), 9-10 Aug 2016
Authors: V.Champa,A.N.Nagashree,,B.V.Sumangala, G.R.Nagabhushana
70.28-07-2016Published a paper titled, ‘Design And Modeling of Z Source Inverter With The Novel Implementation Of Modified Modulating Signal And Shoot Through Control Strategies’ at Michael Faraday IET International summit MFIIS 2015, held on 12th -13th September 2015 at Kolkata.
Authors: Divya S, Prasanna Kumar C, Ambika. G. Dath
71.28-07-2016Published a paper titled, ‘Design And Modelling of A Novel Two -Stage Cascaded Interleaved Boost Converter For High Voltage Applications’ at Michael Faraday IET International summit MFIIS 2015, held on 12th-13th September 2015 at Kolkata.
Authors: Ambika. G. Dath, Prasanna Kumar C, Divya S
72.13-07-2016Shilpa K.C and C.Lakshminarayana, “Nature inspired computation for optimal resource schedule in architecural level synthesis” Publications: ELSEVIER Procedia computer science International conference on Advances in computating and Communications (ICACC 2016), 2016
Authors: Shilpa K.C and C.Lakshminarayana
73.13-07-2016Artificial bee colony based MPPT algorithm for wind energy conversion system”, IEEE 6th International Conference on Power Systems, 2016 (ICPS 2016), New Delhi, India, pp. 1-6.
Authors: Dipesh Kumar and Kalyan Chatterjee
74.05-07-2016“Sizing of Microgrids for Indian Systems using HOMER”, IEEE First International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems (ICPIECES 2016), Delhi Technological University, Delhi, 4-5 July 2016, pp 995-999
Authors: Prema V, Uma Rao K
75.26-06-2016 "A case study on optimal phasor measurement unit placement for emerging Indian national smart grid," 2016 International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Power and Embedded System (SCOPES), 2016, pp. 1956-1960, doi: 10.1109/SCOPES.2016.7955789.
Authors: B. Mallikarjuna, P. Gopakumar, M. J. B. Reddy and D. K. Mohanta
76.26-06-2016"A wavelet based novel technique for detection and classification of parallel transmission line faults," 2016 International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Power and Embedded System (SCOPES), 2016, pp. 1951-1955, doi: 10.1109/SCOPES.2016.7955788.
Authors: N. A. Sundaravaradan, R. Meyur, P. Rajaraman, B. Mallikarjuna, M. J. B. Reddy and D. K. Mohanta
77.03-06-2016Frequency and voltage droop control of parallel inverters in microgrid
Authors: Chethan Raj D, D N Gaonkar.
78.24-05-2016“Design Of A Buck Converter” International Conference on Trends and Innovations in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering
Authors: B.Venkatesh, Nethravathi.S
79.20-05-2016“Role of drives in an automatic waste segregator plant” Abstract— This paper describes about the functioning of Automatic Waste Segregator plant and the role played by the electrical drives in such plants. A prototype of this plant has been developed with a view of having the ability to expand such that not just waste from a single house gets segregated but the wastes of a locality or perhaps a city also. For such large scale industrialization of plants such as these, control of motors and drives is most important. The working of the prototype of this plant is brought about by the use of sensors such as ultrasonic sensors, moisture sensor, infrared sensor and metal sensors. It is capable of separating wastes into wet waste, dry wastes and metallic wastes. The prototype also has a conveyer belt and a motor on which a platform which has bins attached to it are mounted. The prototype uses DC motors, for a plant which should be capable of handling large quantities of waste advanced drives and motors are required. The requirements and possible drives and motors for such large scale operation are also discussed in this paper.
Authors: Soniya Agrawal, B Venkatesh, Kiran L
80.19-12-2015“Carbon Nanotube Based Surface Acoustic Wave Gas Sensor for Condition Monitoring of Gas Insulated Switchgear System”, IEEE International Conference on Emerging Research in Electronics and Computer Technologies (ICERECT 2015) at PESCE, Mandya from 17th to 19th December 2015 and also obtained best paper award.
Authors: Usha. A, Suma Umesh