# Published Date Details
101.06-01-2014A Low cost MPPT for Standalone Solar Photovoltaic Application using Aurdino Microcontroller International Conference on Renewable Energy Sustainable Development (ICRESD-2014) Pages 119 Publisher KJ's Educational Institutes
Authors: Kulkarni Bhushan, K. Padmavathi
102.16-11-2013“Optimisation of Stand-Alone Solar Plant with GUI Support”, 7th international Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies (ICACCT-2013) on 16th Nov 2013 at APIIT, Panipat, India. ISBN: 978-93-83083-38-1, Volume-4, page 210-216
Authors: Prema V, Dr. K Uma Rao and Amit Closepet
103.06-11-2013“Efficient MPPT for a Stand-alone Photovoltaic System”, 2013 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy [ICRESE’13] on 5th & 6th December 2013 at Karunya University, Coimbatore, India. ISBN 978-1-4799-2075-4/13, page 103-110
Authors: Shanta Kumari, K, Prema V., Uma Rao K. and P.Meena
104.10-10-2013Controllers for Voltage Source converters Abstract— The power system is dependent on control of power and voltage for its stability and reliability. Voltage Source Converter (VSC) technology has the advantage of being able to almost instantly change its working point within its capability limit. Due to this advantage, VSC can be used to support the system to maintain active power or output voltage constant during load variation. To achieve this, Proportional Integral (PI) controllers are used for its simplicity and robustness. In this paper mathematical model for Voltage Source Converter is developed. PI based controllers are developed for constant DC voltage as well as constant DC power for load variation. In addition to analysis of the mathematical model of the VSC, the controller performance analysis is also carried out for Two and Three level converter. The results are compared in terms of the THD and the controller parameters. Simulation is carried out in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.
Authors: Soniya Agrawal. R. S. Geetha
105.31-03-2013Published a paper titled, ‘Modelling of Transmission Line Towers For The Lightning Attachment Process’ in National Conference on ‘Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronics Engineering’ NCRAEEE- 2013, at UBDTCE, Davangere PP 37-41.
Authors: Divya S, Ambika. G. Dath, A.N.Nagashree
106.29-08-2012 Optimal Design of PV Array Size for Solar Water Pumps for use in Community Buildings Conference International Conference on Engineering Tecnology and Management, ICETM-2012 Pages 3-6 Publisher Excellent Publishing House, ISBN: 978-93-81583-52-4
Authors: K Padmavathi, S. Daniel Arul
107.23-06-2012“Performance Analysis of a Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter” Paper ID No:ICEEE-23JUNE12-139
108.02-09-2011“Tele robotic surgical arm system” in first International conference on Modern trends in Instrumentation & Control, ICIC 2011, conducted by PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore,
Authors: SURESH N S
109.30-03-2011“Nanocomposite material enriched smart robotic arm for remote surgery” at Mepcoschlenk engineering college, Sivakasi.
Authors: SURESH N S
110.25-03-2011“Telerobotic surgical arm system with efficient tactile sensors in the manipulator” at Velammal engineering college, Chennai.
Authors: SURESH N S
111.17-03-2011“Optimized power system design with help of evolutionary computing” GCT College of technology, Coimbatore. Conducted by E&I department.
Authors: SURESH N S
112.04-03-2011“Recent advances in power electronics and Industrial Drives” first national conference in INFO institute of engineering, Coimbatore.
Authors: SURESH N S
113.06-10-2007“RFID and its application” Park college of engineering and technology.
Authors: SURESH N S