# Published Date Details
41.25-05-2019"Grid Connected Single VSC based DFIG Control Topologies in WEECS:A Review." 34 th convention of Production Engineers and NAtional seminar on Emerging Technologies in Power sector manufacturing may 25-26,2019
Authors: R.Kalyan, M.Venkata Kirthiga
42.13-04-2019‘Investigation on Solar-Wind Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using Single SEPIC Converters’ in the National conference on Advancement in Electrical Sciences at SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore, April 2019.
Authors: Umavathi. M, Udhayakumar. K & Thanya. D
43.21-02-2019“Design and Implementation of Multiple Output Interleaved Flyback Converter with Post Regulators”, in the third IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Computer & Communications Technologies”, 20-22 Feburary 2019 @ Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
Authors: Usha. A, Chaitra. G. S
44.09-01-2019Mohammed Arfan and Lakshminarayana C, “Design and Development of Solar Electric Hybrid Heated Bed Smart Electric Stove” International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation REV2019 2019: Cyber-physical Systems and Digital Twins pp 367-378
Authors: Mohammed Arfan and Lakshminarayana C
Authors: Padmavathi K., Raghavendra Naik
46.16-12-2018“Integrated Intelligent Power Management Strategy (IIPMS) to optimize green energy usage in standalone microgrid”, Proceedings of the 20th National Power Systems Conference (NPSC) - 2018, December 14-16, NIT Tiruchirappalli, India
Authors: Prema V, Uma Rao K
47.27-10-20184th international conference for Convergence in Technology Paper. SDMIT, Ujire Mangalore Digitally Controlled 50W, 500kHz Synchronous Buck Converter.
Authors: A.N. Nagashree, Sunita Hubballi, Vaishnavi Vijayan
48.26-10-2018Minimization Of THD For Multilevel Converter With Triangular Injection Approach. Third International Conferences For Convergence Of Technology (IEEE)
Authors: Venkatesh Boddapati
49.22-09-2018Minimization Of THD For MMC With Triangular Injection Approach, International Conference On Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical And Computing. IEEE, International Conference.
Authors: Venkatesh Boddapati,
50.12-09-2018 Comparative Study Between Three Leg And Four Leg Current Source Inverter For Solar PV Applications, IEEE International Conference On Power, Instrumentation, Computing And Control. (ICE-TEST-2018) IEEE, International Conference.
Authors: Venkatesh Boddapati, KG Jayanth
Authors: Padmavathi K. Raghavendra Naik
52.01-06-2018“Comparison of various control strategies for distributed inverters tied to a micro-grid” conducted by Institute of Engineers (I) on ‘hybrid AC/DC power system for effective utilization of renewable energy’. (Received The Best Paper Award)
Authors: N.S. Suresh and S. Arul Daniel,
53.23-04-201820182019 Scholar articles Simulation study of partial shading effect on series, parallel and series-parallel connected PV modules M Aravinda, K Padmavathi - 2017 International Conference on Smart grids, Power …, 2017 Cited by 3
Authors: M. Aravinda, Padmavathi K.
54.19-04-2018"Real-time implementation of phasor measurement unit using NI CompactRIO," 2017 International Conference on Advances in Electrical Technology for Green Energy (ICAETGT), 2017, pp. 120-126, doi: 10.1109/ICAETGT.2017.8341470.
Authors: A. Dwivedi, B. Mallikarjuna, K. T. S. Akhil, M. J. B. Reddy, N. S. Suprabhath and D. K. Mohanata
55.07-03-2018Mohammed Arfan and Lakshminarayana C, “VLC FOR UNDERWATER OPERATIONS” Third IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer Technologies and Optimization Techniques (ICEECCOT-2018)
Authors: Mohammed Arfan and Lakshminarayana C
56.27-02-2018Md. Shaheriaz, C.Lakshminarayana Ms. Vasanthalakshmi K, and Mr. Prabhakar V: “Design of Low Power Wireless Sensor for Reducing Wiring Complexity of Aircraft Engine Control System”,Second IEEE International on Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technology (ICECA-2018), March 2018.
Authors: Md. Shaheriaz, C.Lakshminarayana Ms. Vasanthalakshmi K, and Mr. Prabhakar V:
57.19-08-2017“Power Supply for Smart Meters”, at International Conference on Smart Grids, Power and Advanced Control Engineering (ICSPACE 2017) at GATT, Bangalore on 17 – 19 Aug 2017. Pp 76 to 81
Authors: Deepak Vasanth Kallanavar, Prema V, Ganesh Shankar
58.19-08-2017“Design and Implementation of Pulsed Output Interleaved Fly-back converter with Lossless Snubber and Current Mode Control”, International Conference on Smart Grids, Power and Advanced Control Engineering (ICSPACE 2017), at the Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, India from 17-19 August 2017 and also Won best paper award.
Authors: Usha. A, Gagan. M.N
59.17-08-2017International Conference on Smart Grids, Power and Advanced Control Engineering (ICSPACE2017) A Msp430 Controller Based Class-D Audio Power Amplifier With DLDPC PWM Switching
Authors: A.N.Nagashree, Shashank Hegde, Vedagiri Babu
60.31-07-2017Power and Frequency Control of a Wind Energy Power System using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, IEEE Third International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management, 2017 (ICONSTEM 2017), Chennai, India, pp. 561-565.
Authors: Dipesh Kumar, Anirban Mishra and Kalyan Chatterjee