Department wise User Name & Password to Access Digital Repositories of CDs & Question Papers

Sl No. User Name Password Department
1 arc1 arc1 Architecture
2 bio1 bio1 Biotechnology
3 chem1 chem1 Chemical Engineering
4 civ1 civ1 Civil Engineering
5 cse1 cse1 Computer Science & Engineering
6 ece1 ece1 Electronics & Communication Engineering
7 eee1 eee1 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
8 iem1 iem1 Industrial Engineering & Management
9 intn1 intn1 Instrumentation Technology
10 ise1 ise1 Information Science & Engineering
11 mca1 mca1 Master in Computer Applications
12 mba1 mba1 Master of Business Administration
13 mec1 mec1 Mechanical Engineering
14 ml1 ml1 Medical Electronics
15 tel1 tel1 Telecommunication Engineering
16 Math1 Math1 Mathematics
17 Che1 Che1 Chemistry
18 Phy1 Phy1 Physics