The following e-Journals have been subscribed to the library under VTU Consortium for the
year 2022-23

Sl. No. Publishers Subject Category Resource Coverage
1 Elsevier
E-Journals: Engineering + CS + EE + ME + EC + CV and allied branches of engineering. (298 Journals) Artificial Intelligence-22
Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design-19,
Computer Networks and Communications-29
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition-10
Hardware and Architecture-20, Information Systems-28,
Signal Processing-13, Aerospace Engineering-5, Biomedical Engg.-16
Civil and Structural Engineering-35, Computational Mechanics-11,
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-33, Mechanical Engineering-38,
Ocean Engineering-6, Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality-13
(Back Issues from 2010)
2 IEEE Proceedings Order Plan (POP)
Proceedings: The core collection of IEEE conference proceedings from approximately 100 of IEEE’s most important conferences. Full-text access with a backfile to 2010.
(530,000 papers - from 100 core IEEE conference titles in POP)
Aerospace and Defense, Biometrics, Computer Hardware and Software, Cyber Security, Electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), Medical Devices, Nanotechnology, Optics, Power Engineering, Robotics, Semiconductors, Smart Grid, Telecommunications, Wireless Technology (Back Issues from 2010)
3 IEEE-All Society Periodical Packages (ASPP)
e-Journals: 187 e-Journals e-Journals: Computer Sceince, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Information Science, Aerospace, Biomedical, TCE and related Allied Disciplines
4 Springer Nature
E-Journals: Electrical & Electronics Mechanical Civil Computer Science Engineering (Allied Subject) Chemistry and Material Science Mathematics Physics (690 Journals) Electrical & Electronics - 58, Mechanical - 44, Civil - 13, Computer Science - 93, Engineering (Allied Subject) - 39, Chemistry and Material Science - 162, Mathematics - 167, Physics - 104 (Back Issues from 1997)
5 Taylor & Francis
E-Journals: Engineering + CSE + ME + CV + Architecture and Allied Science (585 Journals) Allied Science-324, Mechanical-35, Textile -8, Engineering & Technology-76, Electrical-17, Computer Science-27 Civil & Structural-31, BioTechnology-17, Architecture-19 (Back Issues from 2010)
6 Emerald
E-Journals: Management (120 Journals) Accounting, Finance & Economics-9 Business, Management & Strategy-18, Education-10 Health & Social Care-5 HR, Learning & Organization Studies-17 Information & Knowledge Management-10 Library Studies-17 Marketing-12 Operations, Logistics & Quality-10 Property Management & Built Environment-5 Public Policy & Environmental Management-6 Tourism & Hospitality Management-1 (Back Issues from 2010)
7 ProQuest
E-Journals: Architecture and all Engineering and its allied branches. (Full text: 4900 Journals Indexed: 7800 Abstract) Technology Collection includes the Advanced Technology & Aerospace and Materials Science & Engineering Databases (Back issues from 1962)
8 Emerald
Emerald Case Studies: Emerging Markets Case Studies (1000 E-Case) E-Case Collection (1000 Indian), The CASE Journals (Electronic)
9 MAPMy Access
Cloud server along with Universal Federation search services Remote Access Solution (Open Access resourc es: 10,000+ e-Books & 5700+ eJournals) All subjects 12 K + Resources and following features:
1. OA resources: Journals + e-Books + e-Theses + Educational videos.
2. 24 X 7 seamless access.
3. Admin control for librarians.
4. Usage report for individual colleges.
5. Secured remote access full text content.
6. Mobile compatibility.
10 Turnitin
Plagiarism Originality Online Check End user Licenses: 1. Instructor profile 2.Student’s profile (Contact Data Centre)
11 NetAnalytiks
(Writing Grammar Learning Tool)
1. Admin control for librarians 2. 24 X 7 seamless access 3. Usage report for individual college can take (Contact Data Centre)