JustVend: Smart App based vending machine developed by BMS students.

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JustVend is a touchless, cashless and IoT enabled smart vending machine. The vending machine is operated by  a mobile application called JustVend App. The whole product is a combination of hardware (involving logical circuits, IoT enabled systems, mechanical concepts of machine design) and software(involving application development for android & IOS devices) developed by ShivamVaish, currently 5th semester Computer Science bearing USN 1BM18CS152 and Nikhil DS, currently 5th semester, Information Science bearing USN 1BM18IS144. Machine learning is implemented to predict the inventory depending on the demand. Thestartup aims at solving the problems faced by students during the break time. Usually it takes 15-20 minutes for the students to get a quick snack from canteen but from theJustVend vending machine it takes 15-20 seconds. The user can order from anywhere within the campus and collect the order from the nearest vending machine. The user can also pre-order/reserve the item in the vending machine for a certain period of time. The startup has implemented digital payments in the application making the payment options simple and easy. The whole process is seamless and all these features help the user to save a lot of time.

It is made cashless, touchless and there’s almost zero human intervention involved and completely automated. So everybody can use the vending machine amidst the pandemic also.

The startup is supporting AatmaNirbhar Bharat and Vocal for local in making a self-reliant India.

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