Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Assistant Professor



Research Interests: Characterization of soft matter, Rheology of complex fluids, Polymer nanocomposites, Self-assembly of block polymer, Ultra-filtration membrane for water purification.


Working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at BMS College of Engineering since 2021. Prior to this, I worked as an Assistant Professor under the TEQIP-III project at BTKIT Dwarahat for 2.6 years, and AEC Guwahati for 8 months. Worked on a sponsored project as a PI under a collaborative research scheme, which was sponsored by NPIU & AICTE.
The focus of research is to explore the colloidal system from a fundamental as well as practical point of view using various advanced instrumental techniques such as X-ray/Neutron scattering, rheology, dielectric relaxation spectroscopy, etc., Such type of systems are widely encountered in several industries such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, food, paints, ink, coating, etc. Various key problems need to be addressed such as colloidal stability, their flow behavior, the interaction between particle-polymer-solvent, the structure formed at mesoscales, the manifestation of these interactions at a bulk level, etc.
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  • Doctor of Philosophy - Chemical Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
    Passed Year: 2018 | Program Type: FullTime
  • Master of Technology - Chemical Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
    Passed Year: 2012 | Program Type: FullTime
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Chemical Engineering
    Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak
    Passed Year: 2009 | Program Type: FullTime

Selected Publications

  • Journal | Published On : 09-01-2024
    Aabid Hussain Shaik, Chahil Patel, Ariful Rahaman, Samarshi Chakraborty, Sanjay Kumar, Snehalata Agashe, Mostafizur Rahaman, Govindasami Periyasami, Mohammed Rehaan
    Foam Stability and Thermo-mechanical Properties of Micro/Nano Filler Loaded Castor Oil based Flexible Polyurethane Foam”, Materials Research Express, 11 (1) 2024
  • Journal | Published On : 07-12-2023
    Sanjay Kumar, Sangram Rath, Ashwani Kushwaha, SK Deshpande, T Umasankar Patro & G. Harikrishnan
    Thermal evolution of polymer-nanoparticle binary mixture”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2024
  • Journal | Published On : 07-01-2020
    Sanjay Kumar and G. Harikrishnan
    Identifying the superstability landscapes of clay-carbon nanosheet suspensions, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (5), 3364-3372, 2020
  • Journal | Published On : 13-03-2019
    Sanjay Kumar, Kishore Kumar Sriramoju, Vinod K. Aswal, Venkat Padmanabhan & G. Harikrishnan
    Unraveling the polymer chain-adsorbed constrained interfacial region on an atomistically thin carbon sheet, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 123 (13), 2994-3001, 2019
  • Journal | Published On : 01-02-2018
    Devesh K. Chouhan, Arvind Kumar, Sangram K. Rath, Sanjay Kumar, Prasant S. Alegaonkar, G. Harikrishnan & T. Umasankar Patro
    Laponite-graphene oxide hybrid particulate filler enhances mechanical properties of cross-linked epoxy, Journal of Polymer Research, 25, 60, 2018
  • Journal | Published On : 02-06-2016
    Devesh K. Chouhan, T. Umasankar Patro, G. Harikrishnan, Sanjay Kumar, Siddharth Gupta, G. Sudheer Kumar, Hagai Cohen & H. Daniel Wagner
    Graphene oxide-laponite hybrid from highly stable aqueous dispersion, Applied Clay Science,132-133, 105-113, 2016
  • Journal | Published On : 19-03-2016
    Sanjay Kumar, Vinod K. Aswal & G. Harikrishnan
    Polymer concentration regulated aging in aqueous laponite suspensions, Rheologica Acta, 55 (5), 411-421,2016
  • Journal | Published On : 05-08-2015
    Devesh K. Chouhan, Sangram K. Rath, Arvind Kumar, P. S. Alegaonkar, Sanjay Kumar, G. Harikrishnan & T. Umasankar Patro
    Structure-reinforcement correlation and chain dynamics in graphene oxide and laponite-filled epoxy nanocomposite, Journal of Materials Science, 50 (22), 7458-7472, 2015
  • Journal | Published On : 24-03-2014
    Chandan Sharma, Sanjay Kumar, A. Raman Unni, Vinod K. Aswal, Sangram K. Rath & G. Harikrishnan
    Foam stability and polymer phase morphology of flexible polyurethane foams synthesized from castor oil, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 131 (17), 40668 (1-8), 2014
  • Journal | Published On : 04-09-2013
    Sangram K. Rath, Sachin Dubey, G. Sudheer Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, A.K. Patra, J. Bahadur, A.K. Singh, G. Harikrishnan & T. Umasankar Patro
    Multi-walled CNT-induced phase behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) and its electro-mechanical properties, Journal of Materials science, 49, 103-113, 2014
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