Associate Professor

M.Sc., Ph.D.


Research Interests: Materials science, Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites, Energy materials, Experimental condensed matter physics


I am a Materials scientist balancing between Academics and Research.
I have a Regular Ph.D.,degree from IISc (2005) and have gained four years of postdoctoral research experience from NDHU, Taiwan and FIU, USA.


  • Ph.D - Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
    Indian Institute of Science
    Passed Year: 2005 | Program Type: FullTime
  • M.Sc - Physics
    Bangalore University
    Passed Year: 1998 | Program Type: FullTime
  • B.Sc - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
    Bangalore University
    Passed Year: 1996 | Program Type: FullTime

Selected Publications

  • Journal | Published On : 05-01-2021
    M. Uday Kumar, R. Swetha & Latha Kumari
    Structural and Optical Studies on Strontium-Filled CoSb3 Nanoparticles Via a Solvo-/Hydrothermal Method, Journal of Electronic Materials (2021)
  • Conference | Published On : 29-12-2020
    R.Swetha, M.Uday Kumar and LathaKumari
    Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole-Ce0.05CoSb3 nanocomposites, Materials Today: Proceedings 2020
  • Journal | Published On : 08-09-2020
    Rani Ananda Sutar, Latha Kumari, Murugendrappa MV
    Three-Dimensional Variable Range Hopping and Thermally Activated Conduction Mechanism of Polypyrrole/Zinc Cobalt Oxide Nanocomposites, J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 39, 21772–21781
  • Journal | Published On : 07-06-2020
    Rani AnandaSutar, LathaKumari and M.V.Murugendrappa
    Temperature-dependent transport properties of micro and nano-sized zinc cobalt oxide (ZnCo2O4) and zinc manganese oxide (ZnMn2O4) particles synthesized by a hydrothermal route, Ceramics International, Volume 46, Issue 14, 1 October 2020, Pages 22492-22503
  • Journal | Published On : 15-11-2019
    Rani Ananda Sutar, Latha Kumari, MV Murugendrappa
    Room temperature ac conductivity, dielectric properties and impedance analysis of polypyrrole-zinc cobalt oxide (PPy/ZCO) composites, Physica B: Condensed Matter, 573, 36-44, 2019

Other Information

Postdoctoral Associate:
1. Florida International University, USA, 2007-2010
2. National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan, 2006-2007

Principal Investigator:
1. VGST K-FIST Level 1 2017, Amount: 20 Lakhs
2. DST-SERB-ECRA Grant 2016, Amount: 25.25 Lakhs

Professional Memberships:
1. ISTE- Life Member
2. MRSI India- Life Member

Applied Physics Letters (American Institute of Physics)
AIP Advances (American Institute of Physics)
Journal of Applied Physics (American Institute of Physics) etc.
Materials Research Express (IOP)
Honorary position: June 2012-Present
Editorial Board Member, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Nature Publishing Group.
Editorial Board Member, iScience Notes Journal

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