Assistant Professor


Research Interests: Process Modeling and Simulation
Fluid Dynamics
Algal Bio-fuel


I am Shabnam Siddiqui having 12 years of teaching experience in this esteem institute as an Assistant Professor. I am Gold Medalist in M. Tech. and awarded as a Best Environmental Engineering student in 2006. I have worked on “Modeling and Simulation of Sulphur Dioxide Absorption in Spray Tower” as my M. Tech. Project and also on “Drinking Water Treatment and Disinfectant Byproduct Formation”. I have published papers in referred journals and presented papers in several National and International conferences. Also I have attended several workshops, conferences and training courses to enhance my knowledge and teaching skills. For me teaching is a Nobel profession and my experience has been in teaching for several subjects for several years. In 12 years of my teaching career I have guided 13 U.G projects and 1 P.G Project. As a teacher I believe in discipline and to be a good environment creator and motivator.


  • M.Tech - Chemical Engineering
    RGPV, Bhopal
    Passed Year: 2006 | Program Type: FullTime

Selected Publications

  • Journal | Published On : 01-11-2019
    Y K Suneetha *, Shabnam Siddiqui
    Journal Name: International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering Topic :Synthesis and Characterization of Nano size Catalyst for the RWGS Process and Performance Examination Using a Pilot-Scale High-Pressure Reactor Published on Nov. 2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, Page. No. 5215-5220 Impact Factor: 5.54 Scopus Indexed
  • Journal | Published On : 01-10-2019
    Shabnam Siddiqui *, Y K Suneetha
    Journal Name: International journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology Topic: Effect of Light Intensity on Algal Growth in Novel Designed Hybrid Photobioreactor and Biodiesel Production Published on: Oct.2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, Page no. 5215-5220 Impact Factor: 5.96 Scopus Indexed
  • Journal | Published On : 01-07-2019
    Shabnam Siddiqui *, Y K Suneetha
    Journal Name: Manufacturing Technology Today (MTT) Topic: Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using Zinc Oxide Nanofluid Publication on: July 2019, Volume: 18, Issue 7, Page no. 31-36 i-scholar indexed
  • Journal | Published On : 01-10-2018
    Sirisha Nallakukkala , Shabnam Siddiqui , Soumen Panda
    Journal Name:Journal of Engineering Education Transformations Topic:Impact of Integrating Self-Study Module in Chemical Engineering Course Published on:Oct. 2018, Volume 32,Issue 2, Page no. 82-89 Scopus Indexed

Additional Responsibilities

  •   Taught more than 15 subjects both at UG and PG level in last 10 years.
  •    Member of Department Academic Committee
  • Member of Board of Studies at department level
  •   Placement Coordinator
  • Class Coordinator for 2nd year BE students
  • Lab In-charge for Simulation Laboratory
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