Associate Professor


Research Interests: Applications and synthesis of derivatives of natural polymers like Chitin and Chitosan; Biodegradable plastics, RO membranes; Synthesis and characterization of catalysts for hydrodesulphurization and RTGS process, Catalytic conversions under high pressure and temperature conditions


Dr. Y. K. Suneetha is working presently as an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She is in the Institute for 23 years as a teacher. About 1000 intellectuals are produced under her guidelines and are serving the society and nation in various fields of technology and other services. She had an opportunity to be the Head of the Department at the beginning of her service at the Institution. During this period, well-established laboratories were set up for the undergraduate degree course with the kindness and foresight of B.M.S. Management.
Y. K. Suneetha has received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Bangalore University. She is awarded a Ph.D. for the thesis titled 'Enzymatic hydrolysis of chitin-process analysis and development" by VTU.
She has taught most of the Chemical Engineering courses. Thermodynamics, Chemical Technology, Unit Operations, and Process Equipment Design and Transport phenomena to mention a few. Now she is into the teaching postgraduate courses of Biochemical Engineering program. She is one of the BOE in the Biotechnology Dept. at B.M. S.C.E. for ten years. She is involved in SEE question paper setting for various colleges for Biotechnology, Chemical Engg. and Polymer Engg. Programs for 22 years.


Selected Publications

  • Journal | Published On : 01-11-2019
    Y. K. Suneetha, Shabnam Siddiqui
    Synthesis and Characterization of Nanosize Catalyst for the RWGS Process and Performance Examination Using a Pilot-Scale High-Pressure Reactor, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Nov. 2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, 5215-5220, Scopus 5.54
  • Journal | Published On : 01-10-2019
    Y. K. Suneetha, Shabnam Siddiqui
    "Effect of Light Intensity on Algal Growth in Novel Designed Hybrid Photobioreactor and Biodiesel Production", International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Oct. 2019, Volume 9, Issue1, Page 7497-7501, Scopus 5.96
  • Journal | Published On : 01-07-2019
    Y. K. Suneetha, Shabnam Siddiqui
    "Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using Zinc Oxide Nanofluid", Manufacturing Technology Today (MTT), July 2019, Volume 18, Issue 7, Page 31-3, i-scholar
  • Journal | Published On : 01-04-2018
    Aishwarya S. Rao, Gayathri Nair, , Y K Suneetha
    " Development of a device to capture particulate matter from vehicle exhaust", April-June 2018, Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology (AJAST)Volume 2, Issue 2, Page 1066-1070, ISSN 2456-883X,
  • Conference | Published On : 01-12-2017
    Y K Suneetha, G. N. Rameshaiah, Tejashwini D.E.
    Y K Suneetha, G. N. Rameshaiah, Tejashwini D.E. NANO-SIZED CHITOSAN PARTICLES IN BIOREMEDIATION OF AQUEOUS MEDIA CONTAMINATED BY TOXIC CHROMIUM (VI), Dec 2017, International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics Technologies (IC-SMART), Volume 1, Issue 1

Additional Responsibilities

  • Head of the Dept. for one year period; BOE; BOS

Other Information

A funded project of 17 lakhs for “Development of a process for hydrodearomatization and desulfurization of diesel”, in 2003. The project was funded by TAPTEC-AICTE and five UG projects have been successfully carried out using this facility.
She has guided about 45 projects for UG program students and four PG program students.
She is involved in projects to address environmental and societal issues like bioplastics and solid waste management and utilization of natural resources for development of technology.

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