B.E, M.Tech., Ph.D.


Research Interests: 1. Metal Matrix Composites 2. CAD/CAM


I would like to thank my Institution for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Production Engineering and Master’s in Production Engineering Systems Technology from university of Mysore. Later, I registered for Doctoral program and did the research in the area of Aluminium-Flyash Metal Matrix Composite and obtained my Ph.D. from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum In the beginning of my career I worked as a Lecturer in MSRIT, Bengaluru for a period of nearly two years and later joined BMS College of Engineering, Bengaluru. Presently, I am serving this great Institution as a Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management. I'm a hardworking, self-motivated, and always try to improve myself and the best one is I never give up. I always believe in doing work and not think about its fruit. My goal is to become more responsible and knowledgeable personality and always try to bring good name and respect to my position and also to my Institution in particular.
Thank you.


  • Ph.D - Metal Matrix Composites
    Passed Year: 2017 | Program Type: PartTime
  • M.Tech - Production Engineering Systems Technology
    Mysore University, Mysore
    Passed Year: 1993 | Program Type: FullTime
  • B.E - Industrial Production Engineering
    Mysore University, Mysore
    Passed Year: 1988 | Program Type: FullTime

Selected Publications

  • Journal | Published On : 20-06-2020
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  • Journal | Published On : 20-06-2019
    K N P Prasad, S D Shreyas, Darshana N, Prathiksha P
    International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering Vol. 9 Issue 6, June 2019, ISSN: 2249-0558 Impact Factor: 7.119 Implementation Of Six-Sigma DMAIC For Improvising The Process By Decreasing RPN Value
  • Journal | Published On : 15-06-2018
    K.N.P. Prasad1, M. Ramachandra2
    Science Direct Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2018) 2844–2853 www.materialstoday.com/proceedings Determination of Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Al-Fly ash Metal Matrix Composites Produced by Squeeze Casting
  • Journal | Published On : 20-04-2018
    Chandana Jain B J, Meghana B J , Pavitra Nadakatla, K.N.P.Prasad
    International Journal Of Advancement In Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Science (IJAETMAS) UGC APPROVED-63082 ISSN: 2349-3224 || www.ijaetmas.com || Volume 05 - Issue 04 || April-2018 || PP. 250-257 www.ijaetmas.com Cycle Time Reduction In a Sheet Metal Industry Order to delivery Cycle Time Reduction
  • Journal | Published On : 15-06-2017
    Anushree, Jagadish V Gaonkar, Nishant Velugula, K.N.P.Prasad
    International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing, June 2017 ISSN 2321 3361 © 2017 IJESC Design of an ERP Software that Facilitates Easy Flow of a Process Change Order (PCO) Request in an Enterprise
  • Journal | Published On : 12-04-2017
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  • Journal | Published On : 05-06-2014
    Rahul Chandrashekar, Nitin. P. Kashyap, Manjunath. R, Satish. G. B.R.Ramji, K.N.P.Prasad
    Journal of engineering, science & Management education, Vol-7 (IV), 315-322, 2014 Calibration of Portable 3D Scanner for Industrial pplications.
  • Journal | Published On : 10-11-2013
    K.N.P. Prasad1, M. Ramachandra2
    International Journal of Engineering Inventions e-ISSN: 2278-7461, p-ISSN: 2319-6491 Volume 3, Issue 4 (November 2013) PP: 01-08 Effect of Squeeze pressure on the hardness and wear resistance of Aluminium flyash composite manufactured by stir-squeeze casting
  • Journal | Published On : 18-09-2013
    K.N.P. Prasad1, M. Ramachandra2
    International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER), www.ijmer.com Vol. 3, Issue. 5, Sep - Oct. 2013 pp-2591-2599 ISSN: 2249-6645 Evaluation Of Factors Affecting Sliding Wear Behaviour Of Al-Flyash Metal Matrix Composites By Using Design Of Experiments
  • Conference | Published On : 08-12-2012
    K.N.P. Prasad1, M. Ramachandra2
    8th International Conference on Industrial Tribology, 7th to 9th December 2012 held at Pune. Analysis Of Processing Parameters And Percentage Of Flyash Affecting The Dry Sand Abrasion Wear Of Aluminium Flyash Metal Matrix Composites By Using Design Of Experiments
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