Course UG-Physics
Faculty Name Physics Department
Subject Name Engineering Physics Lab Videos
Subject Code Lab Videos
S.NoFile NameFile
1Expt. No 4. Thermal Conductivity by Frobes Method Link
2Expt. No 3. Thermal conductivity by Lee and Charltons method Link
3Expt. No 2. Fermi Energy Link
4Expt. No 1. Wavelength of LEDs Link
5Expt. No 5. Dielectric Constant Link
6Expt. No 6 Energy Band Gap of Semiconductor Link
7Expt. No 7 Wavelength of Laser Link
8Expt. No 8. Divergence of Laser Link
9Expt. No 10. LCR Series and Parallel Circuit Link
10Expt. No 9. Numerical Aperture Link

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