UTSAV, the Annual Techno-Cultural Fest of B.M.S. College of Engineering has been one of the most splendid cultural events in India and the pride of BMSCE, since its inception in 1981. ENVISAGE, the Annual Cultural Fest of B.M.S. College of Architecture is one of the most well-known fests in the architectural domain. This year, with the amalgamation of Utsav and Envisage, we witnessed a fest of massive magnitude that pulled in crowds from across the nation.

UTSAV-ENVISAGE is a glorious fest that creates a congenial atmosphere for the youth to channel their spirits and competitive mindset to magnitude like no other. It provides a platform for interaction, innovation and exchange of ideas among the youth. This fest provides a great opportunity for students who are highly talented and passionate about their interests in cultural skill-sets such as theatre, dance, music, debate, and so on, to express themselves in the most innovative ways ever conceived.

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