Course Name: Applied Physics
Level: UG
Year of Approval: 1946
Accreditation Status: Yes
Doctoral Courses:

Professional Society Memberships : Indian Aerosol Science & Technology Association (IASTA)
Nuclear Track Society of India (NTSI)
Grants Fetched : 5.869 crores
Course Name: Doctorate of Philosophy
Level: Post PG
Year of Approval: 2011
Accreditation Status: Affiliated to VTU (2011) and Mangalore University (2018)
Doctoral Courses: 1. Conducting polymer composites : Synthesis, characterization, applications
2. Aerosol science : Particle behavior in boundary layers
3. Surface radioactivity : Radon in water and soil
4. Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites : Nanomaterials, nanocomposites, energy devices
5. Liquid crystals and composite materials: Synthesis, characterization and applications
6. X-ray crystallography: Synthesis, characterization and applications of organic - inorganic materials
Professional Society Memberships : Materials Research Society of India (MRSI)
Indian Aerosol Science & Technology Association (IASTA)
Nuclear Track Society of India (NTSI)
Physics Teachers Associate of India (PTA)
Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
Grants Fetched : 1 Dr. Latha Kumari "Thermoelectric Skutterudite Nanomaterials for Green Energy Applications" VGST 30-05-2018 20.00 L

2 Dr. Latha Kumari "Polymer-Thermoelectric Nanocomposites for Green energy conversion" DST - SERB 20.02.17 25.25L

3 Dr. K.E. Ganesh "Correlating Unsupported radon activity in ground water with uranium content in surrounding rocks: A Case study at Bengaluru, Karnataka" BRNS 31.03.16 21.33L

4 Dr. T.S. Pranesha "Modelling Atmospheric Pollution and Networking (MAPAN) IITM, Pune" 30.08.13 20.32L

5 Dr. S O Manjunatha "Development of Tellurium-free, low-cost binary metal chalcogenides for thermoelectric applications" 31-10-2022 3.75 L

Departmental Achievements : Total eight research scholars have been awarded Ph.D. degree in Physics under VTU till date. Currently, eighteen research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D.