# Published Date Details
1.29-12-2020Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole-Ce0.05CoSb3 nanocomposites, Materials Today: Proceedings 2020
Authors: R.Swetha, M.Uday Kumar and LathaKumari
2.17-12-2020 An Experimental Study on Molar Absorptivity of Copper Ions as Wavelength Dependent
Authors: Suresha B L, Sumantha H S, Navya N, Ambika A V,
3.05-11-2020Effect of rare earth oxide nanoparticles on the photoluminescence and conductivity properties of PVA films S N Madhuri, M.V. Murugendrappa and K Rukmani AIP Conference Proceedings 2265, 030048, November 2020; https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0017068
Authors: Murugendrappa et. al
4.08-08-2020Ananya Markande, Dheeraj R, Kaliprasad C S, Beena Ullala Mata B N, IOT based Automated Irrigation System, 2nd International conference on Sustainable Urban Development, Resource Conservation, Food Security (ICSURF-2020), August, 6th to 8th, 2020 hosted by Bearys Knowledge Campus, Mangalore
Authors: Ananya Markande, Dheeraj R, Kaliprasad C S, Beena Ullala Mata B N,
5.18-01-2020Synthesis and Morphological Studies of Graphene/ZnO nanocomposites,
Authors: Navya N, Suresha B L*, Ambika A V
6.20-12-2019Opto- electrical and dielectric properties of nano- doped liquid crystals
Authors: Navya N*, Suresha B L, Ambika A V, Sumantha H S
7.30-11-2017Open Data Usage by Undergraduate Students
Authors: T.Renuka, C.Chitra, T.S.Pranesha
8.25-02-2011 Simple Molecular Theory for the Effect of Light on Nematic to Isotropic Phase Transition Paper presented in the International Conference on Advances on Condensed and Nano Materials, (ICACNM 2011),Feb,22-26,2011, Chandigarh, India.
Authors: Suresha,B.L.,Radhakrishna,M.CandGovind,A.S,