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Contact and Non-Contact Measurements - 2019

The Programme aims at disseminating knowledge in the field of New Product Development and use of modern technologies to develop industry-ready solutions. This programme will enrich the partcipants to understand and utilization various inspection methodologies which form the basis for most of the modern industries. This programme will help the partcipants to confidently use modern technologies of inspection in their areas of research and development of new products.


Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence -

The Engineers rolling out of the college portals can be only as good as the curriculum designed, courses studied, practical training, projects relevant to the current world scenario, knowledge and hands-on training in state of art technologies like Robo cs, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Advanced manufacturing systems etc. To cater to this requirement the faculties need to undergo a series of training programme relevant to the above said technology.


Industrial Automation Systems and Controls -

In this modern world of manufacturing with Industry 4.0 standards, the hydraulics and pneumatics become inseparable from the manufacturing systems. Remote manufacturing is the order of the day as Artificial Intelligence eventually taking the shape. Programmable control systems find applications in almost every field. These technologies require expertise in different areas like selection of devices, design, modeling, fabrication, maintenance and service. These deep dive sessions on automation systems and controls aim to provide effective training on thesetechnologies with the help of experts from industries and academia. Expertise from Fluid Power Society of India will be utilized in this program.