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1.2019Sharan Basavaraj and Adil Pasha. Download 
2.2017Rajesh P., "Energy Harvesting system through piezo electric material in an IC engine". (Ref:201741027091)
3.2015Dr.G.Giridhara, Prof.H.J.Shivaprasad, Dr.Y.S.Ram Mohan, Dr.V.Arun Kumar "A method of attenuate flexural vibrations in a rotating hollow shaft". (Application No.201641019358, Ref. No.E-2/1727/2016 CHE)
4.2015R.N. Ravi Kumar, Dr. Rathan Raj K.J., Dr. V. Arun Kumar, "Cascaded Airfoil Thrust Bearing". (Application No. 3663/ CHE/ 2015, July 2015) Status: published
5.2015Dr.G.Giridhara, "Magnetic coupling for improved torque transmission using pivoted magnets". (Ref. No./Application No. 2807/CHE/2015 dated: 04-06-2015) Status: published
6.2015Dr. L.Ravi Kumar, Dr. V. Arun Kumar, G.Saravana Kumar, "Bump Foil Squeeze film dampers with floating shims in a constrained space". (Ref. 2451/CHE/2015 dated 15/05/2015). Status: Published
7.2014Dr.Ram Mohan Y S, R Madhu, "Dry Waste Collector with Compactor"
8.2014Dr.G.Giridhara, "Inter-shaft squeeze film damper and method for providing lubricant film". (Ref. No./Application No. 4709/CHE/2014 dated: 26-09-2014) Patent status: Published
9.2014Dr. L. Ravikumar, Dr. Raghu Yogaraju, Dr. V. Arun Kumar, N.M. Dube, "Bearing Comprising Smart Materials". Patent no.: 1461/CHE/2014 Patent Status: FER
10.2013Dr. Sharana Basavaraj, Adil Pasha, Dr. R.N. Ravikumar, Dr. Rathan Raj, Dr. V. Arun Kumar, "Automatic Retraction of Two wheeler side stand". Patent Status: Granted
11.2011C. K. Chandrababu, Rathanraj. K. J, Ashish Kundapur, "Motor Coupled With The Power Spring (System And Method For Low Pressure Sensing)".