# Published Date Details
1.21-12-2020An Analytical Study of Drug Dynamics with Effect of non-Dimensional Parameters in Arterial Drug-Eluting Stent" in ONLINE TWO DAYS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on "Mathematical Sciences and Computational Intelligence" (21st -22nd DECEMBER, 2020) Organized by school OF MATHEMATICS SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY KATRA, J&K in association with advance RESEARCH EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY
Authors: RAHUL R
2.11-07-2020"Darcy-Bénard convection with internal heating and a thermal nonequilibrium-A numerical study", Advances in Fluid Dynamics, 627-639.
Authors: C. Hemanth Kumar, I. S. Shivakumara and B. Rushikumar
3.11-07-2020"Oscillatory Darcy-Bénard-Poiseuille mixed convection in an Oldroyd-B fluid-saturated porous layer", Advances in Fluid Dynamics, 827-837.
Authors: G. Pallavi, C. Hemanth Kumar, I. S. Shivakumara and B. Rushikumar
4.09-12-2019Pseudo-Spectral Solution of Thermal Instability of Nano-Fluid Flow through a Channel, 2019, Proceedings of 64th Annual Conference of ISTAM, held at IIT Bhubaneshwar during December 9-12, 2019
Authors: Harsha S.V. and Chandra Shekara G.
5.09-12-2019Presented the paper "Mathematical Modeling of Drug Dynamics in Arterial Drug-eluting stent" at The 64th Congress of Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM-2019) held during 09/12/2019 to 12/12/2019 IIT, Bhubaneshwar
Authors: RAHUL R
6.09-09-2019A Wigner function approach to near-field acoustic holography-theory and experiments Journal INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings Volume 259 Issue 4 Pages 5605-5615 Publisher Institute of Noise Control Engineering
Authors: Authors Gregor Tanner, Deepthee Madenoor Ramapriya, Gabriele Gradoni, Stephen Creagh, Elise Moers, Inés Lopéz Arteaga
7.16-06-2019Presented the paper entitled “Comparative Study of Mass Transfer Through Two Layer Porous Media: An Application to Drug Eluting Stents” at International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences and Young Scientists School-BIOMATH19 held during 16th -22nd June 2019, at Bedlewo, Poland.
Authors: RAHUL R
8.23-12-2018Presented the paper entitled “Mathematical Modelling of Drug Transport through Drug Eluted Stents” at International Conference on APPLIED AND COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS held during 23rd -25th November, 2018, at IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, India.
Authors: RAHUL R
9.12-12-2018Laceability properties in the image graphs of some cyclotic graphs, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Page: 29-38, ISBN:978-93-87088-30-6
Authors: P.Gomathi, R.Murali
10.07-09-2018Sheeba N. and Sheela N. (2018) “Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Banking Sector in India” in One Day National Conference on “Issues Pertaining to Talent Acquisition with Generational Diversity in Developing Economies” Organised by Seshadripuram Institute of Commerce and Management, Page- 162 -166, ISBN 978-93-5321-105-9.
Authors: Sheeba N. and Sheela N.
11.07-09-2018One Day National Conference on Contemporary Issues in Commerce and Management and presented a paper titled “Challenges Pertaining Towards Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Sector,” at Surana College, Bangalore.
Authors: Sheeba N. and Sheela N.
12.12-03-2018Presented the paper entitled “Mathematical Modelling of Mass Dynamics of Drug in Stent-Based Drug Delivery” at International conference on MATHEMATICAL MODELLING AND COMPUTATION IN BIOSYSTEM held during 12th -14th March, 2018, at IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India.
Authors: RAHUL R
13.20-12-2017Generalized Eigen Value Problem for the Study of Stability of Blood Flow through Artery with Variable Viscosity in the Presence of an Applied Magnetic, Proceedings of 62nd Congress of ISTAM, 2017.
Authors: Chandra Shekara G and Anjana N.
14.09-04-2017Title : Propagation methods for stochastic field emissions and source reconstruction Conference 2017 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility-EMC EUROPE Pages 1-6 Publisher IEEE
Authors: Gabriele Gradoni, Deepthee Madenoor Ramapriya, Stephen C Creagh, Gregor Tanner, Mohd Hafiz Baharuddin, Christopher Smartt, David WP Thomas
15.17-03-2017Presented a paper titled "Women's Lives, Women's Words: Women's Autobiography, Representing a Feminist Space" in a Two Day International Seminar on "New Feminist Writings: Emancipation to Representation" at Pondicherry University.
Authors: Nishitha
16.15-12-2016Pythogorean Triples-Difference method, P. N. Rahul Krishna , S.Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Jayanthi Sunderraj WASET, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Conference Proceedings No. 8, 2483-2497. Conference held from 15th to 16th December 2016, Sydney, Australia. (eissn 2010-3778, pissn 2010-3764)
Authors: P. N. Rahul Krishna , S.Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Jayanthi Sunderraj
17.10-06-2016Participated as a Resource Person in the Induction Programme at Rohilkhand University, Bareilley, UP in July, 2019. Has presented research Papers in two International and 2 National Conferences/Seminars. Has published Articles in 2 International and 1 National Journals with ISSN.
Authors: Dr. Vanishree B N
18.08-08-2015Presented a paper titled "Reading Women's Lives: A Study of Selected Women's Autobiography" in a Two Day International Conference on "English Language and Literature: Readings and Reflections" at GITAM University, Hyderabad.
Authors: Nishitha
19.29-04-2015Presented a paper titled " Women's Autobiography: A Tool to Break the barriers of Traditional Society" in a Two Day National Conference on "Women as Change Makers for a Vibrant Society: Understanding the Changing Role of Women in the Social Context" organized by the Department of Social Work, Mangalore University.
Authors: Nishitha
20.15-01-2015Parallel Learning Reinforcement-A case study at the International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, ICTIEE-2015, Jan. 6th to 8th 2015.
Authors: S.Jayanthi, G.N.Sekhar and T.Renuka