The following e-Books have been subscribed to the library under VTU Consortium for the year 2023-24

Sl. No. Publishers Subject Category Resource Coverage
1 Elsevier
Engineering and Allied Branches of Engineering
436 e-Books (Perpectual Access 2019-2020)
Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical Information Technology & Automobile-209 Computer Sceince-57 Biotechnology -61 Chemical Engineering-23 MBA-34 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry-52
2 Tylor & Francis
Engineering (4950 e-Books)
(Perpetual Access-2019-2020)
Architecture-1068 Civil-712 Computer Sceince-1172 Electrical & Electronics-1000 Mechanical -998
3 New Age International
(220 e-Books)(Perpectual Access-2019-2020) Common to all-34, Civil-35, Computer Science-19, Electronics & Communication-11, Mechanical Engineering-43, Elecrical & Electronics Engineering-28, Chemical Engineering-7, Aeronautical Engineering-4, Nanotechnology-3, Biotechnology-10, MBA-26
4 Packt
Engineering and Professional Computers
(5002 e-books)(Perpectual Access-2019-2020)
Computer Science-2502, Information Technology-2500
  1. Above all e-Resources, services extended subject to annual membership payment against license copy of VTU Consortium.
  2. *Access given to only 140 PG program Colleges.
  3. 'Previous years’ purchased e-Books access is continued as perpetual.