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1.2019Faculty Achievements for the AY 2018-19 - In Research Download 
2.2019Faculty Achievements for the AY-2018-19 Download 
3.2018Faculty Achievements for the AY-2017-18 Download 
4.2017Faculty Achievements for the AY -2016-17 Download 
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1.2018Student Achievements - AY 18-19 Download 
2.2017Student Achievements - AY 17-18 Download 
3.2016Student Achievements - AY 16-17 Download 
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1.2012P Jayarekha, Dr. TRG Nair : A high efficiency video on demand server with prefetching of video programs using adaptive resonance approach based on interest patterns of the clients. Ref. no. 3391/CHE/A
2.2012M Dakshayini, Dr. TRG Nair : Co-operative proxy server architecture for video on demand and webservers using stochastic model based client request management approaches to achieve reduced client waiting time. Ref. no. 3390/CHE/A