• The B.M.S.E.T. Hostels is managed by the Hostel Committee Constituted by the B.M.S. Educational Trust. It provides accommodation to only bonafide students of BMSCE wishing to reside in the Hostels. The object being that the Management believes in moulding of healthy, sound, & high morale of each individual.
  • Each Hostel is an independent unit in respect to its internal administration under the overall supervision of the Council of Wardens and the Hostel Management. The Hostel is administrated by a Secretary appointed by the B.M.S. Educational Trust and he is assisted by Joint Secretary and Wardens in all matters relating to Hostels. The office staffs take great effort in making the admission flow smooth.
  • BMS Educational trust hostels is indeed a ‘’mini global village’’ with students hailing from different states in the National Hostels & different nations in the International Hostels with different classes, cultures, and religions.
  • The Hostel is meant for the students of B.M.S. College of Engineering, B.M.S. College for Women and B.M. S. College of Law. The hostelite is an occupant of the Hostel, authorized by the hostel authorities of B.M.S.E.T. Hostels. The Committee reserves the right of admission to any Hostels.
  • Statutorily, hostel accommodation is available to BE Students for a maximum length of stay for four years, BE Architecture for 5 years, Law students for 3 /5 years , ME, M.B.A., students for 2 years & M.C.A. students for a maximum length of stay for three years. Hostel accommodation is also available for Ph.D. Scholars.
  • Only Foreign students are permitted to get accommodation in IH. All the foreign/PIO students should possess valid VISA/ Residential permit. Only such students are permitted accommodation in IH. The moment their VISA/ Residential permit expires automatically they have to vacate their rooms and can rejoin with valid VISA/ Residential permit.


  • Applications for admission shall be made in the prescribed form, which can be procured from the Hostel Office on production of a copy of fee receipt paid in the college & on payment of prescribed Application fee (not refundable).
  • The duly filled Application approved by the Principal that He/She is a bonofide student of the college, shall be submitted to Hostel Office. The Admission shall be made strictly on merit basis not on first cum first serve basis. Accordingly the allocation of seats is done on the following guidelines.
  • Sl No. Category under which admitted to College % of Hostel seats allotted
    1 Management ( Freshers ) 40%
    2 CET ( Freshers ) 25%
    3 Comed-K( Freshers ) 25%
    4 Others (GOI, UG/ PG students in the Wait list ) 10%
  • Any change of address/phone number of the hostelites/ parents/local guardian at any point of time, has to be intimated to the hostel office in writing, at once.
  • On approval of admission by the Secretary of the hostels, the parents shall be informed by the office to pay the prescribed deposit within the date mentioned through two crossed Demand Drafts (NO cash Transactions). One DD drawn in favour of BMSET Hostel & another in favour of BMSET Hostel Mess.
  • If the prescribed fees are not paid within the due date, it will be presumed that the student does not require the hostel, and then the seat will be allotted to the next waiting candidate.
  • Once the prescribed fee is been paid within the due date, then the student becomes an occupant of the Hostel.
  • Rooms are allotted to each student by the Secretary of the Hostels, the same shall be informed to the Wardens of respective blocks and occupy the rooms.
  • Three passport size and 4 stamp size photographs shall be submitted to the hostel office at the time of admission.
  • During admission to the Hostels every student shall make a declaration in the presence of the Wardens, in the declaration form provided along with the application.

Allotment of Rooms

  • The allotment of rooms to the freshers will be made purely on lottery system. Rooms are allotted to each student by the Secretary of the Hostels, the same shall be informed to the Wardens of respective blocks and occupy the rooms.
  • At the time of occupying the room, the student shall check all the accessories provided to him/her and make a declaration in the check list provided by the Hostel Supervisor.
  • The hostelite who is in receipt of the accessories in good condition will be liable for damages if any, during his/her stay.
  • Rooms once allotted to the students for an academic year will not be changed except on special situations with the permission of the Secretary.
  • The parent/guardian of the student shall enter into an Hostel agreement paper with a clear understanding that the hostelite should vacate the room after 11 months or after the completion of the annual examination and also be a responsible for the payment of all the dues.
  • Rooms are allotted to each student on his/her personal responsibility. Students should see the upkeep of his/her room. In case of damage or loss of the Hostel property the cost will be recovered from the students responsible for such damage or loss, as decided by the Warden.
  • The students are entitled for accommodation in the hostel as long as they are full time registered students. Accommodation will not be provided to any students whose registration is cancelled. Any student who is removed from the Rolls of the college will automatically cease to be a member of the hostel.

Vacating the Hostels

  • To vacate the hostels after the completion of the course, the hostelite has to submit the requisite form (vacating form) in the format provided and submit the same to the office.
  • At the time of receiving the refund of security deposits (after deducting damage charges, if any) ,the hostelite must surrender their room keys and ID card to the office failing which he/she has to pay the prescribed amount and obtain the receipt.
  • The security deposit is refunded to the students who leave the hostel. This deposit is subjected to deduction for any loss of equipment provided to him/her it is lost or not accounted by them at the end of each academic year.
  • If any hostelite is not eligible to go to next higher semester he/she shall vacate the hostel immediately for one academic year. He /She may readmitted to the hostel after he/she obtains the eligibility provided the security deposit paid by such hostelite should be retained in the hostels.
  • If any hostelite indulged in malpractice during the tests/examination such hostelite will be expelled from the hostels by forfeiting the Security Deposit & Service charges paid by the hostelite.
  • Any student who is removed from the rolls of the college will automatically cease to be a member of the Hostel.

Occupation and Continuance

  • Each admission will be valid for a period of one academic year only. The hostelite willing to continue his/her stay in the hostel for the succeeding year shall submit his/her requisition to the Warden in prescribed format available in the hostel/ICD office by paying the prescribed fee, duly forwarded by the HOD, before leaving for vacation at the end of even semester; (result sheet attested by the HOD shall be attached).
  • The hostelite should vacate the room after his annual examination within ten (10) days after the examination and hand over the charge of the room to the Hostel Office. In case he/she does not vacate the room within ten (10) days a penalty of Rs.100/- per day will be levied for the next ten (10) days after which the warden has the power to take charge of the room without any notice and shift the articles at the risk of the concerned student.
  • If it is decided to expel a hostelite, the Warden shall have the full right to enter into the room and if there be a necessity, break open the lock and take charge of the room without any notice and shift the articles of the student at the risk of the student.
  • The Management may make rules and regulations from time to time and the hostelites are bound to obey the rules. The overall possession of every room, even if allotted to a student shall always be deemed to vest with the Warden and he shall be entitled to open and enter any room if in his opinion it is necessary to do so.
  • The hostelites shall only use a lock with six/seven lever key and submit one key of the said lock to the office to enable the Warden to take charge of the room whenever it is found necessary/emergency. The hostelites should take due care to ensure the safety of the property in their individual rooms. The Hostel Authorities do not accept any responsibility for losses of their personal belongings etc. However, any loss of hostel assets should be reported to the Warden who would render all possible assistance for recovery of lost property.
  • If a hostelite notices the requirement of any maintenance such as Civil/Electrical/Carpentry/Plumbing etc., he/she shall enter in the complaint book and bring the same to the notice of the Warden in the prescribed format which can be obtained from the hostel supervisor.
  • During vacations, the hostelites shall surrender their rooms to the Warden or his/her representative to perform the regular maintenance works. At any cost they should not hand over the room keys to any outsiders or non-hostelites.
  • Continuation of students stay in IH depends on payment of Institutional Cost by IH students and are advised to maintain the official receipt issued towards the Institutional Cost/Accommodation/Mess charges and have to produce the same on demand.