Hostel Activities

Hostel celebrates almost all festivals celebrated across the country such as New Year, Independence Day, Holi, Diwali, Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Ganesha festivals etc. The annual hostel magazine is being released on the occasion of the hostel day. As a culmination of yearlong co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, pleasantries and prizes were distributed to the winners in recognition of their achievements on the hostel day. Every year hostel day showcases not only organizational abilities, but also active participation of all the hostelites in recreational, cultural, literary and social activities of the hostelites, who hail from various parts of the globe.

Fresher’s Day

The Hostel is a platform for the students to develop all their talents. Fresher’s Day is organized with variety of entertainment programmes. It is indeed a spring board for many to begin well. This is followed by various programmes under the able guidance of cultural team as well as wardens & secretary.

Cultural team

The Hostel cultural team organizes a fantastic cultural programmes bringing joy to both the participants and the audience. The students potentialities and capabilities is brought to lime light. Team spirit, feeling of oneness, sharing of resources, learning the art of organizing & building of leadership qualities are the fruits of such a show.

Food Fiesta

The Hostel management encourages and permits the hostelites to conduct the Food Fiesta during every Hostel month. We give opportunities for the students from 1st year to final year to prepare their own new menu representing each state food with the help of the wardens assisted by dedicated mess workers. Here again the energetic & enthusiastic hostelites conduct the food fiesta deserves praises & prizes.

Nutrition Forum

The Mess facilities of the hostel deserve a special note of appreciation. The BMSET Hostel Mess provides very healthy, hygienic & nutritious food to all the students with the team comprising of Wardens & dedicated mess workers. In fact every semester the hostel organizes seminars by Nutrition experts to create awareness among all about the nutrition values of the food that is served in the Hostel Mess.

Sports Forum

Sports plays a very vital role in keeping everyone fit and energetic and it is something very essential and part of life to young ones. The BMSET Hostel is proud of our sports team that on various occasions brought together the hostel student community through several sports event. Relevant Sports kits is been supplied to the hostelites to participate in various sports activities. The hostels have Gym Trainer & Yoga Trainer to guide & train the hostelites systematically.

Health Forum

The Health Forum of the hostel takes initiative to build & bringing awareness among all the students with regard to their health. Under the BMS Hospital Trust regular medical check-up, health care facilities are being offered at concessional rates to all the hostelites and staff . Services of Specialized doctors can be availed in the said hospital.

Hostel Day (Farouche)

In view of the hostel day – Farouche , every year the hostel management encourage the students to organize many competitions under the leader ship of sports & cultural team such as various indoor & outdoor game events , singing, debate, essay writing/ poem, poster making, drawing & painting, rangoli competitions paving way for the students to come out with best in them. It is a true platform for the development of several hidden talents.