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1.2020INDUSTRY VISIT-2020 Download 
2.2019INDUSTRY VISIT -2019 Download 
3.2018INDUSTRY VISIT -2018 Download 
4.2017INDUSTRY VISIT - 2017 Download 
5.2016INDUSTRY VISIT - 2016 Download 
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1.2021Workshops organized 2020-2021 Download 
2.2020Workshops organized 2019-2020 Download 
3.2019Workshops Organized 2018-2019 Download 
4.2018Workshops Organized 2017-2018 Download 
5.2017Workshops Organized 2016-2017 Download 
6.2016Workshops Organized 2015-2016 Download 
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1.2021Technical Talks/Guest Lectures/Seminars 2020-2021
2.2021Technical Talks/Guest Lectures/Seminars 2019-2020 Download 
3.2019Technical Talks/Guest Lectures/Seminars 2018-2019 Download 
4.2018Technical Talks/Guest Lectures/Seminars 2017-2018 Download 
5.2017Technical Talks/Guest Lectures/Seminars 2016-2017 Download 
6.2016Technical Talks/Guest Lectures/Seminars 2015-2016 Download 
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1.2021ELSOC(ELectronics SOCiety), a club under the Electronics and Communication Department of BMSCE, which had been dormant due to the pandemic, held their first event in the month of June. In the month of March, the structure of the club was agreed upon and new office bearers were selected from the current second, third year students and previous coordinators of ELSOC. Download 
2.2019STUDENT CHAPTER EVENTS 2019 Download