Course Name: PG-MCA (Master of Computer Applications)
Level: PG (Intake:120)
Year of Approval: 1984
Accreditation Status: Accredited for Five Years (From 01.07.2019 to 30.06.2024)
Doctoral Courses: None
Professional Society Memberships : IEEE, ACM, CSI, ISTE, IU-PRAI
Professional Activities : Seminars and Workshops conducted through BITES IEEE-WIE, Convention of BITES, Outreach activities by WIE
Consultancy Activities : The amount generated through workshops and infrastructure development having MoU with NMEICT-IIITB is Rs.22,17,120.25.
The amount generated with ICL/Altimetrik (1 project completed, 2 Hackathons conducted (John Deer and Lumisoft Technologies)) is Rs. 3,43,923/-.
UGC Research Funded project of Rs. 5,85,800/-
Departmental Achievements : Ranks obtained (VTU):
2016 – 9th rank, 2015 – 3rd rank, 2012 – 1st rank, 2009 – 5th rank, 2008 – 2nd and 5th rank, 2007 – 9th rank, 2004 – 5th rank, 2003 – 5th rank, 2002 – 5th rank, 2001 – 4th rank

Student Competitions:
Students are actively participating in various competitions and Technical fests conducted by various institutions and companies. Many of our students won prizes/awards in these competitions. Some of the notable awards are: BMSCE team ‘CodemastersZS’ secured 14th rank in India, 250th worldwide in IEEE Extreme Competition 2013. Our MCA is one of the team members. Students have won prizes in JP Morgan: Code For Good-2013, Codemasters-2012, TCS: Best Project Award-2007/2010, IBM: The Great Mind Challenge-2006.

Research Publications:
Published research work in reputed high impact journals like Pattern Recognition (Elsevier), Signal Processing (Elsevier), Pattern Analysis and Applications (Springer) and reputed Intl. Conferences.

Books Published:
Published books in the area of Computer Networks.

R & D Projects:
Completed a Major Research Project in data mining area from UGC worth Rs. 5,85,800/- (Dr. Vijayakumar, HoD, Dept. of Computer Applications)

Signed MOU with IIT Mumbai to implement nation-wide NMEICT Project, Sponsored by MHRD. The dept. conducted several FDPs under NMEICT. MOU is also signed with Novell software. (Dr. D.N. Sujatha, Remote Center Coordinator)

NDA Signed: Signed NDA with “Enterprise Atlas Inc.” Boston, USA in November 2014, to provide SAP solutions (Smt. V. Padmapriya). Also signed NDA with Lumisoft Technologies Private Limited in August 2015 to develop Healthcare applications (Sri. K. Girish).

IEEE Awards: Obtained outstanding IEEE branch counsellor award in 2013. Also obtained best IEEE student branch award in 2013 under the mentorship of our faculty members. (Dr. D.N. Sujatha, Sri. K. Girish)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1Pursue professional career in the domain of Computer Applications in industry or academia.
PEO2Engage in continuous upgradation of their professional skills leading to certification /higher qualification.
PEO3Demonstrate professional behavior while performing in diverse teams, communicate effectively and contribute to the society.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

PO1Computational Knowledge: Apply computing knowledge, mathematical knowledge and domain knowledge to identify and capture requirements of specific problems.
PO2Problem Analysis: Analyze and develop models for specific problems using principles of mathematics, computing sciences and relevant domains.
PO3Design/Development of Solutions: Design, implement, test and maintain solutions for systems, components or processes that meet specific needs with consideration for safety, societal and environmental issues.
PO4Conduct investigations of complex Computing problems: Conduct required experiments, generate, analyze and interpret the data to draw valid conclusions.
PO5Modern Tool Usage: Adapt the techniques, skills and modern tools necessary for solving complex computing problems with an understanding of their limitations.
PO6Professional Ethics: Understand and commit to professional ethics and cyber regulations, responsibilities, and norms of professional computing practice.
PO7Life-long Learning: Recognize the need, and have the ability, to engage in independent learning for continual development as a computing professional.
PO8Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the computing and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
PO9Communication Efficacy: Communicate effectively with the computing community, and with society at large, about complex computing activities by being able to comprehend and write effective reports, design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and understand clear instructions.
PO10Societal and Environmental Concern: Understand and assess societal, environmental, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues within local and global contexts, and the consequential responsibilities relevant to professional computing practice.
PO11Individual and Team Work: Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary environments.
PO12Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Identify a timely opportunity and using innovation to pursue that opportunity to create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society at large.
Course Name: Ph.D.
Level: -
Year of Approval: 2022
Doctoral Courses: Web Services, Software Performance Engineering, Service-Oriented Architecture, Multi Agent Systems, Mobile adhoc networks, Internet of Things, Vehicular Adhoc Networks, Machine Learning, Data mining, Data Science, Data analytics and Related disciplines
Consultancy Activities : The amount generated (1 project completed, 2 Hackathons conducted (John Deer and Lumisoft Technologies)) is Rs. 3,43,923/-.
Grants Fetched : Completed UGC funded project in the area of data mining, Grants approved: Rs. 9,69,800/-
Departmental Achievements : The faculty members published more than 120 publications in reputed conferences, Journals, book chapters, and patents.