# Year Details File
1.2022V.Padmapriya, Dr. D N Sujatha, “VEHICLE AD HOC NETWORK BASED ADVERTISEMENT DISPLAYING SYSTEM”. Application No-202241041104, Date of Filing- 18/07/2022
2.2022Title- Cotton Harvesting and Packaging System Application No – 202341007950 Date of Filing- 07/02/2023 Inventors-Dr. D N Sujatha, V. Padmapriya, Rohan R
3.20223. Rajath Singh M(1BM20MC038), Vijayakumar Kadappa, D V Rajeshwari Devi (Department of ECE, MVJ College of Engineering), Divijendranatha Reddy Sirigiri (Department of Biotechnology), Sampath Chinnam (Department of Chemistry, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology), “Heart Disease Prediction Using a novel Deep Dense Neural Network”. Publication Date: 18th November 2022 Application No.:202241063523 A Patent Office Journal No: . 46/2022
4.20224. R.Balakrishna, P. Lakshminarayana, R V RAGHAVENDRA RAO, Dr. Ch. Ram Mohan Reddy, “Performance Testing of Web Services Using Replicas” Application No – 202241020069 Date of Filing - 02/04/2022
5.2022R. Balakrishna , R.V. Raghandra Rao, Pushpa T S, Shailaja K P, Ch. Ram Mohan Reddy, “A shapely Value-based game theory application for evaluating workload distribution”, Application Number:- 202241014058, Patent filed on 15/03/2022.
6.2022R Bala krishna , M Siva Rama Krishna, Pradeep B S, “Data Analytics on Television Dataset using Hadoop, Machine Learning”, DATE OF FILING : 20/02/2022, PUBLICATION DATE (U/S 11A): 04/03/2022, APPLICATION NUMBER : 202241008806
7.2022Dr. R Balakrishna, M Siva Rama Krishna, Dr. NSV, “BLOCKCHAIN-BASED SOLUTION FOR PROOF OF PICK-UP OF A PHYSICAL ASSET”, Patent Number: 202241002378, Published on 04-02-2022.
8.2020 R.Balakrishna, Ch. Ram Mohan Reddy, "IPCM- Movable Satellite: Intelligent Propagation Impairments for Movable Satellite Communication Links at the Microwave Frequencies in Location”, Patent Number:- 2020102827. Published on 25/11/2020. (Granted)