• It is mandatory for all the hostelites to possess the identification card duly signed and issued by the Hostel authorities. It is directed to produce on request by Security.
  • The Main gates of the Boys hostels will be closed by 9.30 P.M. and the Main gates of the Girls hostel will be closed by 8.30 P. M. The gates will be reopened only at 5-30 A.M.
  • On saturdays the Main gates of the Boys hostels will be closed by 10.30 P.M. and the gates of the Girls hostel will be closed by 9 .30 P. M. The gates will be reopened only at 5-30 A.M.
  • Any hostelite coming late after the closure of the gates in the night, shall call the respective Wardens for permission to entry into the hostels. If permission is granted they shall surrender the Hostel ID to the security & record the reason for late coming in the late night register.
  • Repeated late comings will be brought to the notice of the parents & further course of disciplinary action will be initiated.
  • The ID cards surrendered to the security shall be collected from their respective Wardens the next day.
  • The time between 9.30 6.00 A.M. ( Boys ) 8 .30 P.M to 6 .00 A. M ( Girls ) is exclusively meant for study and sleep. No indoor games, radio or tapes , Computer speakers etc., at high volume or any other kind of disturbances by the hostelites causing inconvenience to other hostelites or outsiders is strictly prohibited. Also during these hours, hostelites shall avoid visiting other hostelites.
  • If a student goes out of the Hostel for more than 24 hours or on leave etc. he/she must inform & take prior written permission from their respective Wardens &the same shall be entered in the register maintained for the purpose.
  • The hostelites must compulsorily sign in the attendance register brought to their room, by the security, after closure of main gates.


  • No hostelite shall permit any outsider in the room, The visitors or guests are permitted only during day time upto the visitors lounge inside the hostel (only to meet such hostelite) with the permission of their respective wardens.
  • The visit of boy students to the girls Hostel and vice versa is prohibited.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the common areas of the hostels like Gym, TV lounge, indoor games area, Bathroom, Toilet etc., Any visitor found inside the hostels after 6.00 P.M. shall be sent out by the security and the hostelite permitting such unauthorized guest will be penalised.
  • The parents/guardian or any family member of a hostelite may be permitted by the Warden/secretary in the rooms of the hostelite, upto one hour when request is made in advance by the concerned hostelite. Security shall make a note of such entries in the register provided for the said purpose.


  • The T.V. Lounge/ T.T. Room will be locked at 11.00 P.M. except when permitted by the wardens on special occasions.
  • Except hostelites no outsiders are allowed inside the TV room. Any hostelites found responsible for bringing any outsiders inside the hostels, suitable action will be initiated immediately. The same will be informed to their parents.

Code of conduct.

  • All hostelites should ensure that the common areas in the hostel complex or common areas around the floor of the hostel always remain vacant and not obstructed or hindered in any manner.
  • No commercial or any other activity shall be permitted in the hostels in the covered or open areas of the premises.
  • It is prohibited to throw garbage, trash or any other things outside the hostel through the windows/balconies. All such waste materials shall be dropped separately in the dustbins kept at the corners of all the wings of the hostels. The housekeeping staff engaged by the hostel collects garbage every day and dispose the same.
  • Playing of Football, Cricket and such other games which may cause damage to glass panels and properties, damage to vehicles and which may cause injury to any person is strictly prohibited in common or covered areas inside the premises.
  • The hostelites of one block should not enter into the premises of other hostel block without prior permission of the Warden/Secretary. In case of students residing in International Hostel, boys entering the ground and First Floor are prohibited. Likewise the girls entering the second, third and fourth floor is prohibited.
  • Hostelites are required to avoid singing aloud, shouting and making any type of noise likely to distract the attention of those who may be at their books or the neighbors or visitors.
  • Protection of the hostel property is also the responsibility of the inmates. The hostelites are responsible to safeguard the materials of gymnasium, news papers and periodicals, sports goods, Water purifiers, coolers, telephones, computer equipment, T.V. or any other property of the hostel.
  • The Hostelits are not permitted to convene meetings to attempt signature campaigns of any sort in the hostel.
  • Every room is provided with internet connectivity, unauthorized access to internet will lead to seizure of their computer/laptops.
  • Hostelites should strictly observe the normal rules of morality, conduct and behavior in their daily life and should not indulge in any activity unbecoming of students of this hostel. Violation of the rules & regulations will be informed to their parents, Secretary, respective H.O.D.s & the Principal.


  • Maximum of 8 persons are permitted to use each lift at a time.
  • Lifts are only for carrying personnel with small luggage. Carrying weights more than the permissible limit is not permitted.
  • Damaging the switches & other accessories pertaining to lifts are prohibited.


  • Indulging in ragging or interference of any other kind is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule entails expulsion from the Hostel and action will be taken as per law. When a student is expelled from the hostels, such students shall not be entitled for any refunds from the hostel/mess.
  • Hostelites are not permitted to celebrate birthday parties or any festivals inside the hostel buildings.
  • They are barred from handling, tampering, fiddling with any equipment, scribbling on walls or displaying obscene & vulgar pictures or paintings, bursting of crackers are forbidden and are liable for disciplinary action.
  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or intoxicated drugs, playing cards or any kind of gambling, keeping of any dangerous drugs or weapons, performing experiments in the hostels, shouting or causing any kind of disturbances inside or outside the hostel premises are strictly prohibited. Similarly no pets are allowed to be kept in the hostel premises. The Security is authorized to check the bags of any student at any time for prohibited materials, in case of a doubt.
  • Students shall not enter the Hostel premises in intoxicated state and should not possess such materials. Depending on the case, the Management reserves the right to take direct disciplinary action, mounting to even expulsion to short notice from the hostel.


  • Parking of four wheelers is banned in the hostel. Only two Wheelers are permitted to be parked in the parking area only.
  • Visitors or outsiders vehicles are not allowed inside the hostels.
  • The hostelites shall inform the Warden about the purchase of a vehicle (two wheelers only) & affixing the hostel stickers on their two wheelers. The stickers will be issued by the hostel supervisor on production of a Xerox copy of their R.C. Book.
  • Hostelites should park the vehicles in the parking slots of their respective blocks. The common areas either open or covered shall remain clear, unhindered and unoccupied.
  • Hostel authorities will not take any responsibility for the damage or loss of any Motor Vehicles or parts of Motor vehicles.
  • Hostelites should ensure slow movement of vehicles to avoid any accident in the hostel premises.

Use of appliances

  • The use of electrical appliances such as immersion heaters, electric stove / heaters / electric irons are forbidden in any of the rooms allotted the residence. Private cooking in the Hostels / students rooms is strictly forbidden. Such appliances, if found will be confiscated and a fine will be imposed.
  • The use of Audio systems which may cause inconvenience to other occupants are not allowed. The use of personal TV, VCR and VCD/DVD is prohibited. The students should not hire objectionable CDs from outside.
  • When the students go out of their rooms they should switch off all the Fans, lights, PC etc., and keep it locked (at all times).Violation will attract suitable penalty and punishment by the authorities.

Collective Responsibilities

  • General damages to the Hostel property will be the collective responsibility of all the Hostelites and they will be required to make good of such damage, if the students who caused the damage could not be identified.
  • Hostelites should not indulge in practices / activities, which may endanger their own personal safety as well as others.
  • Hostelites are required to obey all traffic rules inside the Hostel campus.
  • Hostelites are duty bound to report to the concern wardens, in case they notice any unwanted incidents or undesirable activity going on in the hostel or on the campus.
  • Hostelites are required to park their two wheelers in the space provided for them in an orderly manner by putting the main stand only.
  • Hostelites should not arrange any functions or meetings within the hostel or outside or within the campus without specific permission of concern authorities.
  • Hostelites should not arrange/ participate for any picnic, excursions, trekking and parties outside.
  • Hostelites are required to be conscious of the environment in which they live by keeping it clean, healthy and presentable. Hostelites should not throw litter indiscriminately and should not use non-bio-degradable items, such as plastics materials.
  • The Hostelites are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal belongings. They are advised to keep under lock (preferably a branded one) all valuable items such as laptop, mobile phones, etc. and lock the room even when they move out for a small interval of time.