Vein Spot (KYRA solutions) - Pocket sized, patient generic vein
detecting device to prevent excessive vein punctures
Plantik - Plantik is working towards sustainable goals in the
field of agriculture by introducing innovative, technology-intensive
methods to significantly cut down waste,
increase crop yield and make efficient utilization of resources.
LAS innovations - 3D Survey Drone Prototype and
Services with both hardware and software
development for surveying
Justvend - Smart vending machine
Dybet solution - Dybet solutions aims in making
medical services computerized, convenient and reasonable for
their clients. Currently developing a non-invasive
blood glucose monitor useful for measuring blood
glucose and hemoglobin levels in diabetic Patients.
DocTrue - an online platform which eases
patient-doctor communication and solves OPD and delay/lag
in appointment Bookings
BigBuddy - BigBuddy is an AI based startup, trying to bridge
the gap between content creator and knowledge seeker
with the help of AI. Working towards making a robust
Artificial Intelligence software to create professional video
courses like coursera without any human intervention, now
users don’t require any greenscreen, No editing skills,
only a laptop with webcam. Everything
will be handled by AI.