Dr. Y.S Ram Mohan

Professor and Head

  • Address: Department of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Block, 3rd & 4th Floor, BMS College of Engineering Bull Temple Road, P.O.1908 Bangalore- 560019
  • Email: hod.aer@bmsce.ac.in
  • Ext: 7061, 2010

Other Contact Details:

#NameExtension No
1Megha S , Aerospace Office7062
2Dr. Prashanth Dalawai7072
3Dr. Gnanendra P M7074
4Prof. Snehal M7066
5Dr. D Saravanan7065
6Prof. Chethana K Y7073
7Prof. Yathish Muddappa P P7067
8Dr. Y S Rammohan7070
9CAD Lab7064
10Dr. Aparna A R7063