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  • Reprographic
  • Career Information
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  • Access to e-Journals
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The library is aesthetically located in a central place near the main entrance of the college and is very prominently housed in a big and spacious building with a floor area of 2625.67 Sq. m.


The main library building has two floors & annex has five floors with lift facility.

The ground floor of the library houses the reading room, CIC (career information centre), a full-fledged furnished seminar hall and the annex has the Evening college library in it.

First floor consists of the stack section and reading space capacity for 40 students in the annex.

The librarian’s chamber, Server room, Circulation counters and reprographic room are also located here.

Second floor annex is strictly meant for Undergraduate Reference and has a seating capacity of 60 students.

Third floor annex is reserved for Postgraduate reference and Periodical section and can house 60 students. Fourth floor is proposed to house a State-of-the-art digital library.


The digital library is planned with a small conference hall, CD-ROM workstation and Internet facility is being provided to access the online library collection, E-Journals and anything related to the users’ area of study and research. As a result of the tie-up with INDEST Consortium, access to IEL online resources is available.


Library to date has a total collection of 110806 volumes of books,The library is presently subscribing to 144 National and 21 International Technical Journals.


Open access is provided to the Library holdings and the books are organized subject-wise for easy access and quick retrieval.


Books are classified according to DDC and catalogued as per AACR2 format. New Books before sending to shelves are first displayed in the “new arrivals” section for 15-20 days and processed afterwards for the usage by students and staff.


Library receives 165 numbers of technical journals and arranged area wise in the periodicals section. Library also has access to IEEE, ASCE, ASME, ACM Digital Library, Springer Link, and Science Direct periodicals in Digital form through INDEST Consortium, IIT Delhi.


Latest catalogues received from various reputed publishers and new release of books and other information is displayed on the notice boards for Information of users and to indicate the requirements / additions.


Library receives 8 English and 6 Kannada Newspapers and 44 magazines, which are displayed in the Reading room. (List is enclosed)


Each user will be provided with a bar-coded library card, but presently books are being issued against library card. The issue statistics is as follows:

Under-graduate Student = 03 books

Post-graduate Student = 05 books

Book-Bank Student = 05 books (additional)

Professors = 15 books

Assistant Professors = 10 books

Lecturers = 05 books

Staff (Non-teaching) Technical & Ministerial = 05 books

Students are permitted to keep books for a fortnight and only two renewals for the same book is permissible.


a) Reprographic Service: One Canon plain paper copier machine (zoom type) is provided in the library for catering to the needs of users.

b) Referral Service: Some students and researchers in need of more diverged information have been referred to use other reputed libraries like IISc, ISRO, NAL, IIMB etc.


The library is automating its services and activities through “LIBSYS” package, which gives search facility, reservation facility among other things for the users. Bar coding of the documents is done and the books will be issued on digital identity card through computer.